• The one my own MOTHER forgot? It wasn't too bad, actually. I frickin hate birthdays.
  • I say "whatever", it's just a day. I'm always getting older.
  • It was my 14th birthday and I got the flu so I wasn't allowed to go to school and see my friends. They decided to celebrate it without me, they didn't call to see how I was, and than the next day they acted as though it had never happened! That year pretty much sucked anyway.
  • Yes, my mother told me she had cancer. She died 4 months later.
  • Yes, the food tasted awful.
  • On my 21st my mum rang me up to have a go because i had sided with my stepdad, as she had been awful to him, so she rang me up wished me happy birthday then got funny with me and told me she shoud have aborted me!
  • 30th Just got divorced that day and sat in a bar drinking away my birthday....
  • yes my 21st ended with me in tears hmmmf not too good! friends being the great (sarcasm as i say that) people they always are!
  • my 16th was the worst, my dad forgot the whole thing, my mom was still back in norway at the time and if it wasnt for a dear friend of mine i would have spent the whole day alone.
  • Last year...I went out with a few friends and got tore up and went to my ex's house and argued with him, he would tell me that he didn't want to be with me but then act like he did and kept doing that, well on my birthday he tld me again! So I accepted it and was just "friends" with him and then a few months later he decided that he did want to be with me again! :) It hurt that he told me that he didn't and I was pretty upset that night but I'm sure this year it'll be better! :D
  • I was dealing with a cheating boyfriend, my parents were at a funeral, my sister at a friends, my friends at weddings, and it was raining.
  • 17th bday I sat at home until five o'clock waiting for my friends to call, but they were all getting high without me SO I showed up at their house and we went out to eat ... I payed for my own meal. Considering all of my friends had hella cash on them, it was the shittiest gesture imaginable. And the present I got was a bag of dollar general shit that they had already opened.
  • All of them.
  • My last birthday, my 15th, the week beforehand I had gotten into a HUGE fight with my dad and ended up in tears and called the polie on him. For the whole week after he pretty much ignored me or tried to make me feel likea monster for calling the cops on him. So on the day of my birthday I went into town with some of my friends, then got a call saying my dad had been in a massive car crsh, the car was totalled, it had flipped ovr and if there had been a passenger in the passengers side they would have had their neck broken! My dad was fine thankfully, but in the waiting room at the hospital I spent an hour thinking he was dying. Ugh. That night I went to my friends house where we were meant to have a houspearty but NOBODY showed up because of some stupid excuse or another. I dint get a birthay present off my dad and my two best friends had pretty much forgotten to get me one. Yeah that was a fucking miserable birthday. And my 16th this May? Im not hoping for ANYHING. I want to just stay in bed the whole ay because Ill just be miserable getting up and hoping for soething good to happen, or fore anybody to even give a shit about my feelings or the fact that its my birthday. Oh and also my mother's birthday is two days before mine, but she dies when I was four so it always (for me) overshadows my birthdays
  • My husband, who has Parkinson's with Dementia, wouldn't give me a birthday present my friend had bought for him to give me. He yelled at me and said it didn't belong to me. He said I wasn't his wife.
  • Well, eversince I moved to a godforsaken country called UAE, I have had pretty much one bad birthday after another. Today is my 18th [my 3rd birthday in this country and hopefully last] and i am sitting at home by myself on my laptop. My 16th wasnt THAT bad and neither was my 17th. But yesterday I went to a party to celebrate my friends and my birthday [ we both have it on the same day] It was a beach party at night. First of all, it took me and my friend forever to catch a cab., Once i got there, it was so dark i could barely see anyone. The bonfire kept on going out. There was no music except for the crappy techno tunes from the radio. By then i did not feel like eating hte bbq. All the guys and some girls basically got wasted and jumped into the water. It seemed like just an excuse to get together to get wasted and smoke [i do none of those things] so i ended up sitting there the whole night with a couple of my friends just talking. I was so disheartened by the whole experience that i went home by 10. To further ruin my BIG day, my parents bitched at me for going to this party as i was a bit dishonest with them about the location of the party [ they still dont know it was a beach party] Now today, they are still pissed at me. They made me cancel my dinner arrangments with my friends [ i had planned a night out with my girls for dinner kareoke and whtever else]. My dads at work, my sister and mom are at the gym and my brother is at the p[ool. My friends have all msgd me and facebooked me their wishes but are dissapointed that i wont be doing anything with them on my bday='( well, the days not over yet. Its still 5 pm. Hopefully my day will still turn around.
  • Let's see,I awoke to a tooth ache,called for the dentist and the earliest appointment was in the afternoon,went shopping and upon returning with the groceries,I kicked what I thought to be a plastic ball,it turned out to be a bowling ball the kids brought home,broke a toe,the car tire went flat before I made it to the dentist,the extraction didn't pan out,the tooth broke off above the gum line and I needed to get the roots removed at a specialist.The specialist wasn't available for 2 days and the pain pills reacted with the street drugs I had been doing putting me in the ICU for 12 hours,,,nuff said?
  • When I was in Air Force Basic Training.
  • No one not even my family remembers its my birthday. And I was also having this family and self issues. It was my 17th b-day back then. After that...all of my birthdays became the worst days of my entire life.
  • today is my birthday and i think its worse birthday ever ... i am from iran - tehran ...and i hope u all know whats going here :(((((((((....
  • I don't usually celebrate birthdays, as I'm just as happy for each day I get to enjoy my life ... Although I would consider that each current one that passes to be worse than any which have past before ... for the simple fact that it is one birthday closer to my last. :) Peace
  • My 17th birthday. all, except 3 people in my family, completely forgot about it. after that i decided to stop having parties completely.
  • 18th, just recently. Booked a skydive but crashed the car on the way there.
  • When I turned 12 I had a birthday party at my house. I lived out in the country and had a pond in my backyard. Well my birthday is in the winter time so the pond was frozen over. My friend went to the middle of the pond and fell threw the ice. She was ok but I felt so bad for her because it must have been embarassing nad pretty cold

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