• Hey I have never heard of that game but it sounds like fun. I am good but i still can't comment. Sry.
  • I've played Guitar Hero II. I'm not great, but I've managed to get halfway through Medium difficulty ("Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns 'N' Roses).
  • Im stuck on Hanger 18 on EXPERT
  • In the 3 times i've played it, I've gotten to the point where I can play Carry on my wayward son on medium with 98% accuracy.
  • i can play pretty good on expert and when i play on hard i get 94% and up
  • I play on expert. My best is 93% on through the fire and flames, or the 95% on the Devil went down to Georgia
  • i play GH,i am pretty good,i can pass every song on expert in every GH,that means GH 1,GH 2,GH 80`s,Gh3,GH aerosmith,GH world best result on trought the fire and flames is 84%,not that good,but im not that good in the song.i can FC every song in GH 80`s on hard using record in one is 446k,pretty good huh?4 star in raining blood.5 in clifs of dover.five in number of the beast.cult of personality FC on hard.i can FC my name is jonas on expert and paranoid and some easy songs but i wont say them now,because there are so many.i got 5 stars in jordan expert two weeks ago.i can Fc it on hard. so whta do you people think am i OK in Guitar Hero???

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