• Open a block of chocolate, break off one square, pass it to the next person, who breaks off one piece...and so on...the aim is to get to the end of the chocolate without being caught.
  • copy on tests
  • once we put matches in board duster and wen the teacher wiped blackboard they class room would smeel long ago now but we thought it was hilarious
  • Sleep? I like sleep. When I was in 7th grade, we had a "tweety" war. It's when you shoot those little pieces of folded paper(tweeties) at each other with rubber bands. They eventually had to outlaw rubber bands because the janitors threatened to quit... In 8th grade, we'd shoot pencils at the ceiling with rubber bands. But we were "skilled" enough to shoot them with the right force so they'd just bounce off and come back down. But this one guy let one go full blast... I think it's still lodged up there... It was fun up until that point...
  • let a lot of frogs out throughout the school, or other animals
  • At the beginning of class, move the tissue box to a new place. In the middle of class, scream or gasp loudly and run over and adjust the box. It should seem like you freaked out because somebody moved it. Or you could do what I do. Get a small animal object that makes the animal's sound. I have a duck. Obviously it quacks. I also have a cow and a monkey. When the teacher turns around, make it quack/moo/whatever. Repeat. If you have classmates involved, pass it around and do it so it seems to be moving around the room. If you do have classmates willing to be involved, organize a preset time to do one of the following: -Fall out of chairs at the same time -Drop pens/pencils at same time -Make a low, humming sound at the same time. A good one is to superglue a quarter to a desk. See how many people try to pick it up. Watch the janitor get mad. See if the desk has been taken away the next day.
  • you have to get the whole class room involved for this one . Before the teacher comes in the room for the bell or leaves the room get every one to turn their desks upside down. When my class did it the teacher absolutley freaked out
  • Try studying and learning what's being taught to you! It will bring good results!
  • How about paying attention? There have been studies in New York saying up to 40% of graduating seniors cannot read. Makes you wonder why.

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