• I completely agree with her right to say it. She has the right to question the religion, if she chooses to. Its obviously not something a Muslim is going to agree with but Hirsi Ali has experience and knowledge of the religion and isnt just taking stabs at it. She's able to justify her comments. I think what she actually said was that Mohammed would be considered a paedophile under modern Dutch law, which really is completely correct, although Muslims would argue that Prophets "have special status" and that our laws dont include them. (The article I read is here:
  • Of course.
  • Not only do I agree with her right to say this, I agree with her conclusion. The Hadiths are specific about Aisha's age. She was 6/7 when Mohammed married her, and 9 when the marriage was consummated. That speaks entirely for itself.
  • What else would a sexual relationship with a six year old girl make you?
  • I think so, I haven't read the article, but it sounds that way to me! I need to go read that! : )
  • I quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall (aka S. G. Tallentyre, not Voltaire) "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
  • How many times must we go around this singwell? I posted an answer for you that used your own words to prove you wrong and you abandoned the thread. You are a rabble-rouser just trying to get people worked up. There is no truth in this. All the people that agree with what Ayaan Hirsi Ali have to say that also think Apostacy is punishable by death in Islam clearly aren't realizing they are listening to an apostate. If Ayaan was to be put to death for her apostacy...why then has she not? As for the people that claim Mohamed was a pedophile...first I'll start by saying that, in today's society, under today's laws in SOME places...yes, this would be the case. Now for the obvious truth...the marriage happened at the age of 6, then Mohamed waited until she was 9 to consummate. If Mohamed was a pedophile...why would he have waited those 3 years? The obvious answer is this, she wasn't ready. Don't get pissy and say that she wasn't ready at 9, let me finish. According to the laws of teh land at the time and place that Mohamed lived, the marriage age was 8 years old. According to the Koran, the wife MUST have reached puberty to be considered an adult and sex with someone prepubescent is Haram. In another post, Singwell (the original questioner) stated "a child is no longer a child when they reach puberty" and the dictionary definition of pedophile is the sexual desire in an adult for a child. So if we put all those things together, we see that Mohamed had a child wife...but didn't consummate until she was no longer a child. Thus, an adult had sexual relations with an adult in a place where the marriage age was 8 years old while the wife was almost 10. I'm not gonna sit here and say that I would date someone that young or if I had a daughter that I would allow her to. That doesn't change that societal norms, biology, and religious guidelines ALL stated that their union was acceptable. Stop looking at a situation from 1.5 milennium ago through a filter of the laws of the 21st century.
  • Everyone has a right to speak their mind. Muslims would disagree, more than likely to the point of being homicidal. Yet if such only applies to the Profit, then why does so many modern day muslims emulate that?
  • nop...
  • Yes I do, Mohamad was a pedifile perverted man who made this religion so that he can have several wives, he had a sexual problem...Was a pig.
  • She, as a human being, has the unalienable natural right to speak her own thoughts. . Any that say different are hateful and evil. .
  • i dont agree.... i have noticed ur interest in ayesha (rta) so want to give u little information about her... aisha bint abu bakr is qouted as source for many hadith..abu bar was the companion of prophet mohammad pbuh for ur better understanding good friend.. i wud like to put light on the fact that It is not clear when Aisha was born. Most scholars calculate her age, by reference to the date of her marriage to prophet mohammad pbuh (622). Aisha was the daughter of Umm Rumman and Abu Bakr of Mecca. Abu Bakr belonged to the Banu Taim sub-clan of the tribe of Quraysh, the tribe to which prophet mohammad pbuh also belonged... Aisha is said to have followed her father in accepting Islam when she was still young. She also joined him in his migration to Ethiopia in 615 AD; a number of Mecca's Muslims emigrated then, seeking refuge from persecution by the Meccans who still followed their pre-Islamic religions According to the early Islamic historian al-Tabari, Aisha's father tried to spare her the dangers and discomfort of the journey by solemnizing her marriage to her fiance, Jubayr, son of Mut`am ibn `Adi. However, Mut’am refused to honor the long-standing betrothal, as he did not wish his family to be connected to the Muslim outcasts.(ITS CLEAR THAT SHE WAS ALREADY AT AGE TO GET MARRIED) The emigration to Ethiopia proved temporary and Abu Bakr's family returned to Mecca within a few years. Aisha was then betrothed to Muhammad. Even though the marriage may have been politically motivated, to mark the ties between Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr, most early accounts say that Muhammad and Aisha became sincerely fond of each other. Aisha is usually described as Muhammad's favorite wife, and it was in her company that Muhammad reportedly received the most revelations. Aisha is believed to have been Muhammad's only virgin wife. peace
  • 2009/5/1 Proof Muslims are Pedifiles ! @ 06:05 AM (3 months, 27 days ago) I bet every pedifile is lining up to "Convert" to being a muslim after thier religious cleric comes out in support of 8-10 year old Girls being "Married" off to older men ! Top Saudi Cleric Backs Marriage of 10-Year-Old Girls Posted Jan 18, 09 9:27 AM CST in World | | ShareThisShareThis (Newser) – The top Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has issued a statement supporting marriage for girls as young as 10, reports CNN. "Those who think she's too young are wrong and they are being unfair to her," he declared. The statement follows the refusal last month by a Saudi judge to annul a marriage between an 8-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man. The practice is coming under increasing criticism from women's and international organizations. Source: CNN Ads by Google
  • Yes he is a pedifle, its a dirty dark secret, he married her at 6 and defiled her at 9....He fondled her in the tub....A grown man with a child....its 450 child brides for hamas in palentstine...This is the sickness and pervsion of this religon....
  • ......
  • Everybody has a right to speak up and criticize, no matter what it is! It should be a fundamental right everywhere. Words should never be a reason to (threaten to) kill someone!
  • She must be in America now I would imagine. She will be in the target list too. She is one courageous woman. She has all the right to say this.
  • I agree with her right to speak her mind, technically he would be a pedophile, but just like the Bible, how do we know it was written exactly as it happened? I personally wonder myself. There's no proof.

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