• I have found out it depends on the teacher haha. Shouldn't take less than a few hours and you will stall less and less as you get better.
  • I can't.
  • That's what I learnt to drive's what I drive now. It is easy to learn, just a matter of practice and co ordination. Now, I find automatics okay, but I prefer a manual drive.
  • well i learned the concept behind a clutch when i was about 12 from riding quads, so learning a stickshift was a pretty smooth transition. i'd say it took a week or so to really handle those steep hills and such though
  • Was use to shifting on my motorcycle from age 9. So car was easy to do. Stalled once with my instructor for drivers ed. lol not good to daydream at a robot (light)
  • never tried. Here in the UK we only learn to drive cars and bikes. I did learn but cannot remember how long it took as it was so long ago,
  • Ohhhh muh gawd. I learned on a 1965 on top of having the difficulty of the transition from learning on an automatic to having to do a clutch, it was a touchy, sticky horrible. I won't lie to you, man. It was hard at first; it's all about timing and coordination though. You have to be super patient, and hopefully your teacher will be too (unlike my dad was such a jerk when he was teaching me). It takes a few trips out to really get the concept of starting to move in first gear, and once you master that it's all pretty easy. After a couple of weeks you'll have it down, no problem. And hey, since I learned to drive stick, I've preferred it, and went out of my way to buy a car with a manual transmission. Better control and whatnot. I like it :) Good luck learning!!
  • About forty minutes. Older VW Golfs have an odd power delivery (power curve and gear ratios) which, combined with the worn shift linkage making Reverse, 1st, and 3rd almost equally likely every time you move the lever forward from 2nd, it took me a while (~20 minutes) to get the hang of starting on a hill. Once I realized I was trying to launch in 3rd, I stopped blaming myself for stalling it so often.
  • It took about a week to get used to it,about the same amount of time to get us of driving a right hand drive vehicle in a country that uses left hand drive cars.
  • like 40 minutes! its really easy i promise its just gettin used 2 driving with 2 feet. but im 16 and i started on an automatic but my mama bought my first car and it was a stick n she taught me how 2 drive it n it was a peice of cake! plus its so much fun. a lot of ppl are afraid to roll backwards on a hill but i thin its really fun! haha.
  • It came natural to me and only took a couple of stalls to get the hang of it, about 10-15 minutes. The real challenge was to start (from a full stop) on an uphill grade without rolling backwards at all.
    • Easygoing98
      There's a way to do that. Pull the parking brake lever up when stopped on hill. Then press clutch and change to 1st gear -- the parking brake will prevent roll back. Once you're ready to release clutch and push gas pedal -- release the parking lever -- you're now in control with clutch and accelerator
  • When I learned to drive there were very few automatic trannys. I learned on 3 speed and 4 speed standards including double clutching on some of the 4 speeds. I would rather have a standard than a automatic today.
  • About 15 minutes
  • i dont drive
  • Not very long. Once I figured out the proper method of synchronizing the actions of letting out the clutch while increasing the RPMs of the motor, it became pretty simple. Then the more difficult letting out the clutch while increasing RPMs on a hill had to be mastered.
  • Not very long I learned when I was 8 years old on a farm tractor Dec,30.2021
  • I learned to clutch on a motorcycle, so it was an easy transition.
  • as a kid moving dads car around the driveway let the clutch out slowly son you might need to bring the revs up a little with accelerator pedal. When I was 12 i could get the wheels spinning in the driveway.
  • I drove manual from 2000 to 2007. Took me a week. But now I'm all automatic transmission only
  • Not long. A week, two? But I had the advantage of learning how to use a clutch and shift gears with a motorcycle first.
  • 5-10 minutes
  • Less than 5 minutes. A friend asked me to help him get a car home - I didn't know the one he wanted me to drive was a stick. I figured it out pretty quick and we got the car home safe and sound.
  • Never drove a car with a stick.
  • A few minutes. Drive a Ford Focus 5 speed today.
  • Like a motorized pogo stick or a standard transmission on an automobile? The former, I'm not even convinced can be mastered entirely, but maybe a day and you will either be on your way or injured severely enough that it no longer matters. The latter should take about an hour or less with the right mindset and a forgiving enough vehicle. I guess either way, it depends.
  • The last time I picked up a stick from the ground I did not need to drive it anywhere because it doesn’t have wheels.
  • A few minutes as soon as I figured out the sequence of hand and foot movements.
  • Not long. Since I already had a driver's license, it was about an hour or less in an empty parking lot.
  • I didn't really learn before I jumped in and tried to get to work when mine wouldn't start! Got stuck on a hill, but a nice gentleman drove it into the parking lot for me. Thankfully home was down hill. lol

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