• it is alot like 20cents per text. i highly suggest to get unlimited texting which is only 5$a month
  • No clue where the other person got their source, unlimited isn't $5.00. If you don't have any texting package, text is set at $.15 per message. For normal plans, they have $5 for 300; $10 for 1000; or Unl for $15. There are also several "retention" offers, but these are only given out by escalation groups, & these include 500 free text every month, or Unl for $8. If you have what's called the Power Pack Plan, you can get Unl text on all lines for one charge of $20 per month. There are supposed to be Text/Vision(Internet) packs coming out with a price range of about $30; but I don't know any details about these yet.
  • Unlimited is $15.00 a month. Good Deal if you text alot! I did that package for both my kids so I know its for sure $15.00 unlimited.
  • its 5 bucks a month for 300 texts and 10 bucks for 1000 texts..15 bucks for unlimited

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