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  • playa means having intercourse with other people while having a girl/boy friend. Crush means having intercourse, so that person is sayin that they don't cheat, but they have alot of sex. Hope this helps.
  • Playah/ Player means you play the game, in this case the game is having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend while keeping them all from finding out about each other. Crush means you have a crush on someone, you flirt with them etc. but nothing beyond wishing you could be with the person. So, I'm not a playah i just crush alot means, I don't cheat on you, I just like to flirt with other women. Kinda like, just cuz i already ordered doesn't mean I can't still look at the menu.
  • Are you aware that phrase was made popular by the late NYC rapper, Big Pun? On his song, " I don't wanna be a player no more". It means he isn't a dog, not as shallow and manipulating as a player can be, he just maintains a lot of flirting and contact with females.
  • This is from the songs "I'm Not A Player" and "Still Not A Player" by Big Punisher. The original lyric was "I'm not a player, I just fuck alot" - this was edited for the censors, changing "fuck" to "crush", resulting in the censors unintentionally creating a new euphemism for sex (crush). A player is a man who has sex with many different women. I suppose Pun was saying that he just liked to have sex, he wasn't doing it to be cool or to get a reputation.
  • you are all so wrong that it disgusts me. all you know about playin' and crushin' is what you see on mtv. the phrase expresses the duality of man. the thoughts on being a 'dog' and flirting, but still being a caring partner may speak to women and suburban idiots, but it says something totally different to the street. 'playas' play. they try. they hustle. they play a game. the lucky few don't have to play. they crush. and they crush a lot. they have gratuitous sex when they want. no games. no work. all play. play with that.
  • Does it mean that you don't go from meaningless relationship to relationship, but you do like to flirt?
  • It means, if there is a guy (nate) that he does play women or use them, he just has sex with them a lot.
  • Long before Big Pun released this song L.L. Cool J. had a minor hit with a track called, "Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings" - a lengthy euphamism for sex. Crushing = sex makes sense to me. A Player is someone who refuses to be exclusive to one woman, keeping his feelings "in check", so to speak. The Game is Love. Men learn early on in the street that Love is bondage and the Game is played by women who, presumably, use a man's feelings to subjugate him. Men learn the Game, and play it - become players when they win. I'm not a player, I just crush a lot is wit. "Crush" being an innocent, lustless and childish brand of romance AND expressive of the polar opposite at the simultaneously.
  • I think it means I don't flit from girl to girl deliberately and manipulatively, I just get carried away and flit from girl to girl impulsively. Even if there is a subtle difference, from the girl's point of view, it's just about the same. But what do I know.
  • I-the love "ameteur", cock and don't used to be paid!

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