• You can crisp up a number of vegetables by putting them in cold or iced water. Sometimes, though, they're too far gone. If the carrots look and smell otherwise okay, try it.
  • I know you can do celery like that. I don't see why you couln't do carrots that way also, unless they are bad.
  • This works very nice if they are a little limp. The water should be really cold, maybe with ice cubes floating. And put th ebowl in the fridge. It works great on celery and radishes, too. You can refresh fish that way, also, if it's salty water. If your fish is a little smelly it will help clean and firm your fish or shrimp. Let is sit in the water for 15 minutes, drain and repeat. THen it's almost like fresh caught.
  • I usually use that method as a last chance before I have to throw the vegetable out. You might be able to keep them for a couple of days, but I've almost always used them within a day. I can't remember the biology exactly, but from what I recall, when the cell loses water it is only a couple of steps ahead of breakdown of the cell wall (the cold helps to stave this off temporarily). Try looking up Turgor Pressure on google.

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