• yes!!!!!!! = )
  • It depends on the individual, but the conclusion I've reached through personal experience and experience of friends/fellow pierced, is not significantly for many women. There is a often a positive mental aspect to having an 'exotic' piercing like a hood piercing for many people (partners as well as the pierced) and the stimulations may be slightly different than a pre-pierced state, but please give serious thought to getting this body mod done. It can be a very beautiful, exotic thing, but it's not quite the same as walking in and having your ears pierced. Not the sort of thing you want to do just because you've heard it increases pleasure. Talk to your piercer, and do some reading/research ( is a good place to start) before you walk into the shop to get it done.
  • I would say it does. I've only had mine for 6 days now. My husband can't wait until it's healed. I've been very wet. The placement is great. It's my little secret. Noone would have guessed I would have a vch. I like mine so much that I am going to have my nipples done.
  • From what I have read and heard about, The vertical hood oiercing is the one that can increase sexual pleasure. The horizontal hood piercing is for decorative purposes. I have a horizontal( hoop ) piercing and it does have a small part in helping stimulate, but not as well as the Vertical, I plan to get the bar soon
  • I just got my vertical hood pierced About 2 weeks ago,and to be honest it realy didn't hurt me..I realy don't see anything great about it..I just like the way it looks :)I really wanted the horizontal one..I'm realy not to happy with the one I have now..I realy like the way the Horizontal looks..So If i had another chance i whould def get the horizontal DONE!
  • depending on the woman's anatomy and the placement it can increase pleasure. A vertical clitoral hood poercing (VCH) is, as stated above, the one that is supposed to increase sexual pleasure, whereas the horizontal is for decorative purposes. As to a comment above, for it to decrease pleasure is in fact very rare. What often happens is pleasure is increased as the jewellery rests on the clitoris, but as the clitoris gets used too (and forms a bit of a callus) the extra rubbing the sensation can go back to the original state, which many women percieve as a loss of sensation, when in fact it is no worse than it ever was. This can also be attribted to the fact that one must learn evtire new ways of...playing....: ) hope this helps. I found this website very helpful.
  • I have several piercings and was doing some research on the Vertical and Hortizonal piercings. And which one is best, but i see that there are so many opinions out there. And guess that I will have to just go and see which is best for me.. thanks for everyones commnents and experiences.
  • I have had my hood done vertically for several months now and it was the least painful of my 12 piercings. Also, I had previously had problems with having orgasms. They took forever and were difficult if not impossible for someone else to do...Until I got it pierced. Now I'm just a happy little camper.
  • I have heard that the VCH gives the most pleasure. I plan on getting mines next week so if the vertical doesnt work then i might as well just get the hortizontal one.
  • i had my vch clit ring done now for only six days now and i am fascinated with it, its healing well and i am glad i got it done. I feel that it does enhance and increase a womans pleasure it drives me wild mmmmmm
  • *sigh* Women used to be beautiful. ..before they all started getting pierced and tattooed, to make themselves look like crack addicts or truck drivers or jungle pygmies.

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