• i have my hair permed and use styling products on it aswell so at times my hair used to feel like that until i started leaving conditioner in my hair. if you decide to use a leave in conditioner then dont put too much at the roots because this will make your hair look greasy, instead put it on the long lengths and your hair will feel lovely and soft and smell great too.
  • Well water is usually hard by nature so it's no surprise that your hair feels the way it does. Either get a water softener (expensive I know), or use some kind of shampoo that will soften the water, specifically ones that contain EDTA.
  • After shampooing I would rinse with one part apple cider vinegar to two parts water this will close the cuticle. It will also remove any mineral buildup in your hair. Then I would condition the ends with coconut oil. I'd advise you to stop dying your hair but I realize that's not likely going to happen.

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