• Yep, he can. He comes from a very talented family. His brother, Malcolm, is also a member of ACDC, and his other brother, George was a founding member of the Easybeats, the first Aussie rock band to get to No1 in the British Charts with the single "Friday On My Mind". As part of songwriting master duo, Vanda and Young, he was also responsible for writing many of the greatest Aussie songs of the late 60s and early 70s. So, music is in the family. There is even talk of preserving the Young home as a museum to both the Easybeats and ACDC.
  • AC/DC has always one of I favorites. I remember getting the Thunderstruck CD when I was in high school. I played the hell out of that CD.
  • Angus is one of the best guitarists ever!
  • He can rock, what and do many things more. One of the most entertaining and dynamic guitarists in history. He gives his all on stage every time.
  • Yes he can! This is my favorite guitar solo

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