• Its harder to be good than not good, we may do wrong because its easier or seems more beneficial to us then doing right.
  • Because maybe we think we might be able to change the wrong into a right.
  • Usually because 'wrong' feels good. Without some form of higher discipline, we are slaves to our desires and pleasures. Wrong usually means self gratification - whether it be speeding, sex, drugs, murder - it's all the same. We do wrong to gratify our lusts and desires. Wrong is usually very selfish, and by nature we are extremely selfish creatures. Right often requires strong character and moral fortitude. It's easier to give in and go with the crowd than it is to stand up and do what is right. Right often requires sacrifice, and as selfish creatures, most of us aren't willing to make that sacrifice. Right usually requires us to consider other people, and again this goes against our selfish grain. These are just a few things I could think of, without getting into any 'religious' answers. Different religions will give you their own opinions of why we do wrong.
  • Wrong is usually easiest.
  • We do wrong because, at that very moment in time, that is what we wanted to do. We care nothing of possible consequences, or at least not enough to keep us from doing it. Also, most people do not think that they'll get caught, because they think they're smarter than others. This is why many people are insincere with apologizing; it's not that they're sorry they did wrong, it's that they're sorry they were caught. I'd say it's mainly selfishness and naivety.
  • Psychologically speaking not everyone knows right from wrong. That is an incorrect assumption.
  • cause people probably dont think they will get caught

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