• I forget about all those emotions and accuse them of plagiarism, and tell them that I will see them in the courts
  • A little of both, but then I feel proud that my work is so great that someone felt the need to copy it....It's flattering!
  • This happened to me recently.I felt both angry and upset.I sat on it for a while, and then told my boss without naming that person directly.I felt no pity as I am fed up of hearing this person's voice and me me me all the time!!!
  • Initially, I would feel anger, as it seems that my time and effort was worthless. But after some thinking, I may feel pity towards him, depending on his personality/reasons. It would also depend on what it was, and how much effort I put into it.
  • You really feel both. You feel angry because they took credit for your work. But on the other hand you will only feel pity if you don't speak up or tell the person how you feel about what they did. Hope this helps!
  • No pity, I just feel angry and ripped off!
  • Inventing is something I enjoy. I'm always thinking of ideas, but don't have the resources to make them happen. Some of my ideas I have given to others over the years. Not sure if they did anything with them or not. Doesn't bother me a bit, I'll never do anything with the ideas. If there is a benefit someone should have it.

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