• I dont think its anymore creepy than any other organized religion..
  • Because you just don't agree with their views and opnions.
  • So let's see: you've switched from attacking JW's to attacking Scientology? Ok, well here's my take on Scientology: . Really, though -- you should mind your cooking a bit. You have all of your attention turned outward on judging others, and none of it turned inward on learning about your own disconnect with life. Not good, if you're actually interested in your own spiritual development.
  • Because they make their members sign billion year contracts agreeing to work without pay in the service of Scientology, in exchange for nothing more than therapy?
  • I honestly cannot adequately explain the many, many levels of Scientology creepiness. Fortunately, others have done so, far more eloquently than I ever good. Start with the Wikipedia article on Scientology here: . While you're on Wikipedia, take a look at this: Supplement that with this article from the LA Times:,0,138179,full.story For additional information, head over to which features many texts published by the Church of Scientology for its members. Then, if you haven't been creeped out enough, watch this: Be forewarned that this link includes embedded sound and is NSFW. That's why Scientology is creepy.
  • Perhaps I am just uneducated here, but isn't it based on a science fiction novel by Ron Hubbard? That seems a but weird to me.
  • It's so creepy because it so fully abuses so many people, yet has it's origins directly traceable to a mere fiction writer who had no way of knowing if anything he said was true, yet we have people who claim to fully believe in it's validity and such. Also, it's a hilariously stupid belief system : ) ***** Seriously, it's been shown to be fraudulent and abusive so many times... It's a freaking science-fiction book that people take seriously and ruin other people's lives over...
  • Because you have been reading too much critical information about it and don't have enough real information. I wouldn't mind if a critic held up a bit of real Scientology and says "Scientologists believe ..." and that is crazy. Have some decent discussion about what Scientology is or it isn't. But that's not the way it goes. They write something weird that is not Scientology at all. As a Scientologist, all I can say is that thank God I'm not stupid enough to believe the things critics say I believe.
  • It was invented by a science fiction writer with the express purpose of conning people, uses unethical methods and has a total disregard for the truth. So it's not altogether surprising that many rightly find it creepy.
  • The links below might help answer this question: A former Scientologist tells his story: The Story: Another former Scientologist with links to her site: Kids who grew up in Scientology and now speak out: Arnie Lerma, Early Scientologist: Gerry Armstrong, Former Scientologist Co$ vs. Gerry Armstrong Gerry Armstrong Site More unethical and illegal Scientology activities: Scientology Agents, including LR Hubbard's wife, break into Federal offices in Wahsington, DC., get caught and do time, afterwhich the "church" gets tax exemption: More Scientology Shit Deep Sixed Long Ago: Scientology Murders: 1Suppressive Person Order, aka SP Declare (Co$ Internal Documents): An Actual SP Declare: 2Co$ Fair Game Policy (Co$ Internal Documents) Fair Game Related: The Purpose of a Lawsuit (Co$ Internal Documents) Co$ Fair Game in Wikipedia Fair Gamed: Wollersheim, Anderson and Armstrong: Michael Flynn gets Fair Gamed Paulette Cooper gets Fair Gamed Lawrence Wollersheim gets Fair Gamed 3Sea Organization (Sea Org) 4Flag Land Base, Clearwater 5PAC (Pacific Area Command) Base, Los Angeles 6Gold Base 7Rehabilitation Project Force Children’s RPF An Ex-Scientologist Message Board: Anonymous can’t think all this shit up, folks! Office of Special Affairs (OSA): Film Footage: 1. The Un-funny Truth about Scientology 2. Co$ Core Beliefs (This is NOT a Joke): Short Version: Why Scientologists Can’t Talk About It: Former Scientologist Steven Fishman Talks About Scientology. Part I: Part II: Part III: Part IV: Part V: Part VI: Part VII: From A Mainstream News Source (The good stuff starts around marker 3:30): A Third Generation Scientologist Speaks Out: 3. Co$ Commandeers the Cult Awareness Network (CAN): 4. Anonymous Global Protests (Soundtrack is 404 due to copyright violation): 5. Investigative Reporter Gets Inside the Co$ (25 min.): One Result of the Co$ Recruiting Technique (The Co$ “Personality Test“): Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News Clip On Scientology, 1968: 6. Son of Co$ Founder Accuses Father of Fraud: Part I Part II The Global Fight Against the Church of Scientology: SUPPORT ANONYMOUS WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU CAN! )
  • Wouldn't that be different for everyone? I wouldn't know why you think it's creepy. You might have read about what it's like to be "on staff" in CofS. Or of the high prices. Or of many other things that go on there. Or maybe it's something in the philosophy that might be creeping you out. I have no way to know. I didn't find it creepy when I was in the cult so much as invasive, controlling and hypocritical. Then, when I met people who told me their experiences (many of which were far worse than mine) I was aghast and appalled. I don't find it "creepy" if only for the fact that I think history repeats itself and that this is exactly what's happening with CofS. (abbrev for the cult). They are doing all the things Hubbard said were mistakes and bad things to do to people. This makes it a non viable and hostile organization, IMO, but, sadly, just part and parcel of the nastier elements of human nature.
  • Because, like other religions, it attempts to control what people think and do. Creepy, indeed.
  • cause its a crock of sh!t
  • its not creepy- we should all believe it just like we should believe in Jesus and Allah. I mean thats not creepy right?? ( NOTE - THIS IS SARCASM!!!!!!!!!)
  • The word Automaton comes to mind.
  • Don't say that, Xenu will get you in your bed.

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