• yes, considering the markup on food...
  • If the food was very, very, good and it was a small fee, like under a buck, sure!!
  • I would have a system where I would offer a certain size for free. Anything bigger than what I would offer would cost.
  • Instead of telling people, "there's a $X charge for take-out containers", simply add the cost of the container into every item on the menu.
  • i think that would be rediculous for the restraunt to charge you for a take out container. Even if you do take home a lot of food, how often does that really happen to justify charging. they should be flattered you want to take their cooking home to eat. Maybe share it with friends, turn them on to the restaraunt and they have another customer
  • I would refuse to pay it. In U.S. we pay tax and tip, drink isn't included in a "combo"...No more extra charges for anything. Include those things along with napkins, straws, etc. as part of the cost of your business
  • I would mind very much. It's part of the restaurant supplies. I don't expect to pay for a bag at the grocery store (with the exception of Aldi's... they charge for bags...), I don't expect to pay for a bag at a retail store, why would I expect to pay for a container at a restaurant especially one that offers take-out orders? Deterring people from taking food home deters them from ordering more than they can eat, or they begin sharing platters. Lower food sales will cost you more in business than paying for take home containers. Selling things that are deemed free elsewhere gives the impression that you are taking away something they deserve when they buy your food. That is bad business to put a negative image in your customers mind. No matter how good the meal is, if the last thing they remember is being forced to pay for a take home container... you could lose a repeat customer and also they will tell their friends "It was good... but..."
  • I wonder if they're trying to get rid of non-degradable containers altogether? But in a restaurant, the cost of the container IS already built-in to the overhead of your bill, so I agree with just about everyone else here. YES, I would object and leave the food on the plate.
  • It would not bother me. If I am paying a set price for my meal: On a take out order, I am paying for the containers. If I am eating in the restaurant I am paying for the servers wages and the plates to be cleaned. The take home container is an extra cost.
  • I have never eaten at a restaurant that charges for the take-out box. I don't think I like charging for it!
  • Meh, it wouldn't really bother me. Money is for spending.
  • Yes I would mind. Up the price of the menu items by a few cents if it's really an issue.
  • yes, cause i dont think i should have to since ive already paid for the meal
  • If the same restaurant not charge for takeout packaging, then I would protest, and probably not return.

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