• im only annoyed by the ones that are just being that way to put on a front...
  • I find it irritating, I mean come on whose happy like that ALL the time beside teens on LSD?
  • I wouldn't say that I find them unbelievably irritating, I'm perfectly capable of believing how ****ing irritating they can be. Anyone who's unflinchingly optimistic and looks on the bright side in *Any* situation probably needs to re-evaluate their dosage of those little red pills they find under their sofa cushions.
  • I consider myself one of those people and I can tell you from experience that most people find it pretty irritating after a while. : )
  • I'm not annoyed by eternally cheerful, optimistic people - if it helps them get through their days, great! Sometimes, though, I do prefer to talk to someone with whom I can have a good bitch fest - someone who will listen to me rant and rave, and agree that I'm right in doing so, and then I reciprocate. Misery does, at times, love company!
  • Ha Ha Are you Timothy Leary?
  • I think it is great.. Its good to have a positive out look on every thing. Makes life easier to handle.
  • I find a kindred soul in someone who strives to find the positive side of things, but I don't forget that there are bad things happening around me. I just think that drowning in negativity and sorrows does nothing to get you OUT of that situation. so I appreciate someone that tries hard to get out and stay out.
  • I am one of those always cheerful, optimistic, always positive people :-) It's always nice to be around such personalities because they radiate a sense of calm and peace and lightness. It's wonderful and carefree to be around such people.
  • I kind of like it. If I allow my emotional self to wander around on the Dark Side, I can get pretty morose. It's good - almost necessary, even - for me to be around people who can balance the bad stuff out. Life is all about perspective, anyway.
  • I try to be like that when I'm talking to someone who is really feeling low..and I appreciate it when someone can do the same for me. So I find it refreshing.
  • Those 'people' in my view are our heros and s'heros! I know many who have had to rise above absolutely horrendous circumstances in their lives and were it not for their courage and determination, not only would they not be able to tie their shoes, they would not be here! Just because someone appears and acts as if the world is a bowl full of cherries, doesn't mean that they lack an empathic nature nor offer true compassion to others. Perhaps, these are the ones who 'know' more about what it is to be wholly human. I consider myself one of them!
  • I find them absolutely incomprehensible - but do I ever envy them......
  • Often they are the people who have been kicked hardest in life. They are the most resiliant ones..who come back from almost insurmountable odds. I find them refreshing. Consider the alternative--someone who is pessimistic and negative about everything?
  • I'll be honest...I get irritated by them sometimes! LOL
  • Every once in a while I want to hide out on the dark side of the moon! Usually I appreciate the positive, optimistic person's view point but honestly, every once in a while I just don't want to hear it. Sometimes I want to feel not alone.
  • I dont find them irritating, I do wonder how they do it though
  • Honestly, i am a CNA and i work with the elderly. You have to be patient and cheerful with them of course so i try my best to put a smile on their face even if it takes me looking like a crazy person. What ive realized through my coworkers reactions, is that with some...they just think youre ridiculous. But the elderly, they really appreciate it...and thats what matters.
  • if the optimism is tempered with empathy, it's tolerable.
  • Just unbelievable in general. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a cynical side. The yin and yang of a "balanced" personality. No balance = no integrity.
  • Really, I think those are the saddest people of all a lot of the time. They just hide it well.
  • It depends on my mood. Sometimes, it's refreshing because the optimist can offer a new perspective on the situation. But if the person simply offers pat answers, then that annoys me, because I feel that he/she doesn't recognize the gravity of my predicament. For some problems, there are no easy solutions.
  • If it comes from a genuine ability to see a light at the end of every dark tunnel, I admire it. If it comes from a self-delusion that putting a false happy face on things by denying the "bad" in themselves, others and situations, I find it sad.

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