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  • I have a pissing fetish also, however I would prefer to be the dominant one in any pissing situation. I would rather do the peeing than the receiving. I also really enjoy pictures of women peeing.
  • i do share this fetish
  • I like to lick not only my own urine but also my own semen and like to cover my dick head with my saliva and lick it with my fingers simulating sucking my own dick, I wish I could do that for my own dick I love it and love any thing come from it.
  • i would let my boyfriend drink mine, sounds pretty hot if you ask me.
  • I love urine too. The smell, the feel, the look, everything to it I like.
  • i love watersports and i wish i could find a girl to share it with but its pretty tough most people find it disgusting. i find the idea of a girl peeing pretty damn hot and i think in a relationship it could be even romantic being involved in the most intimate areas of each others lives.
  • I have been into pee play for more than thirty years. My wife will squat over my face and pee straight into my mouth. It is the most erotic exchange of love and trust two people can enjoy. I have also drank my own pee but it's much better to drink hers. Love the feel of the Golden nectar as it flows down my throat and runs down my neck and face. Ummmmmmmmmmmm !!!! PeeNut
  • I love urine too. The smell, the feel, the look, everything to it I like
  • I used to have a pee lover. His pee was delicious. We both drank from each other, and played all kinds of HOT pee games, omg
  • Last week I had sex with my wife, then we got in the shower and I asked her to pee on me. She thought I meant on my body, but I asked her to pee directly in my mouth so I could swallow her "apple" juice. I didn't cum in her yet, so it was just her pee/female cum mixture. SHe was so tingly, she couldn't hardly do it.Was pretty tasty.
  • Yes I drink my own urine almost daily. Sometimes from a glass, other times I lay in the tub and pee on myself and into my mouth. Also my wife pees on me,and I drink her pee straight from her pee hole about 2-3 times a week.
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