• Decapitation?
  • Being at the centre of a nuclear explosion. Actually, since it takes about 200 milliseconds for the brain to register anything, any manner of death which disrupts the brain in less than this time can be regarded as instantaneous for all practical purposes. So a bullet in the brain would be effectively instant.
  • Suicide. Just get a gun and stick it on your head, shoot yourself, and you die.
  • Hanging In 1871 hangman William Marwood introduced the "long drop" method which is thought to have been invented by doctors in Ireland. It removed most of the prisoner's physical suffering and made the whole process far less traumatic for the officials who now had to witness it in the confines of the execution cell instead of in the open air. The long drop method was designed to break the prisoners' neck by allowing them to fall a pre-determined distance and then be brought up with a sharp jerk by the rope. At the end of the drop the body is still accelerating under the force of gravity but the head is constrained by the noose which delivers a massive blow to the back and one side of the neck which - combined with the downward momentum of the body - breaks the neck and ruptures the spinal cord. This is thought to cause instant unconsciousness and rapid death. The drop given was usually between 4 and 10 feet depending on the weight and strength of the prisoner. The actual amount being calculated to provide a final "striking" force of approximately 2200 lbs force (one ton) which - combined with the positioning of the eyelet of the noose normally under the left angle of the jaw (the submental position) - causes fracture and dislocation of the neck usually at the second and third or fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae.
  • Quickest I'd say would be some kind of explosive device at the base of your skull maybe (or of course, just being at the center of any big explosion) As Zibby pointed out, to kill yourself with a gun to the head, you actually need to hit the parts of your brain which are essential to living (brain stem and stuff), most people who try to commit suicide with a gun just end up giving themselves REALLY severe brain damage, mutilating their face and stuff, etc... Not pleasant by any means, and certainly not a good way to try and kill yourself either. Back to the explosives thing - considering that high powered explosives can move at several thousand feet per second, if you had the charge at the base of your skull, you'd be completely dead before your brain could even register ANYTHING, you'd be dead before you can even feel yourself pushing the detonator really : /
  • Injecting air into a vein is very quick.
  • According to the movie quick slap by a tentacle and your
  • I would have thought from jumping infront of a train, or by spraying an aerosol can directly into your mouth, aimed at the throat.
  • LETHAL INJECTION. This would only work if you make a contraption to automatically inject the chemicals into your body, or it would be assisted suicide (that is, if you have someone help you with the injection). Inject more than the necessary amount of chemicals and MAKE SURE your in a VEIN.
  • Be right next to a nuke when it goes off and i mean like make it land on your toe when it hits. so remember the closer the faster. :)
  • Shoot yourself pointing the gun through your eyes, the gun upwards for the bullet to pierce through the proper brain tissues, bang and death is instanteneous. Pease say hi to the devil, cause you will not make heaven. It is a sin in all religions to take a live, which you cannot create.
  • you know, im not quite sure he was asking to commit suicide in the first place [it was probably just out of curiosity] but yes, i understand what you are saying .. however it IS possible to lessen any pain in any situation .. the only thing that can never be forgotten or will never fade is death i know that's a typical answer but its true .. i hate to be morbid now but i've considered suicide but after everything that's happened, it seems stupid that i was about to end everything for such a dumb reason
  • Jumping in a jet engine
  • Fight Chuck Norris.
  • Why I can't take this question seriously is because I see that yellow happy face thing with the tongue sticking out. Put something dark and sinister on there when you ask something like that.
  • cud anyone plzz tell me how much time does it take to die of overdose of pills...thts quite a common method of commiting suicide, aint it...i previously thought tht shooting oneself in the head was a better option, but it seems it isnt, from the posts above...plzz clarify me on this one...
  • Spontaneous human combustion. Just grab a chair and wait for it to happen.
  • Off the top of my head: 1) Play chicken with a subway train and purposely losing. 2) Hold up a bank, wait for the cops, then point your gun at them. 3) Go to Iraq
  • walking into a biker bar and asking "who is riding the pink honda??"
  • from old age
  • from old age
  • Gun shot to the head

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