• There are so many. It is difficult to pick one. But, I would think that the first gold medal round of wheelchair basketball at the Paralympics must be one of them...they are so fast and furious. They were an inspiration to everyone.
  • Jesse Owens embarrassing Adolph Hitler at the Munich Games in 1936.
  • G'day Golum300, Thank you for your question. In looking at the greatest sports feat ever, I am looking for something that stands so far above what anyone else has done and that has never been beaten. Further, there must be no cloud over their achievement such as suspicion of use of illegal substances. The first is Don Bradman's batting average of 99.94 in cricket. The second and third best averages are 60.97 and 60.83. According to Wikipedia, "In order to post a similarly dominant career statistic as Bradman, a baseball batter would need a career batting average of 0.392, while a basketball player would need to score 43 points per game. For comparison, Michael Jordan holds the NBA record with an average of 30.1 points per game, while Ty Cobb's career batting average of .366 from 1928 still stands as the MLB high mark." Walter Lindrum set 57 world records in billiards, many of them still standing. He was known as the Bradman of billiards. He was world champion between 1933 and 1951. Regards Reference Wikipedia Don Bradman Wikipedia Walter Lindrum
  • Martin Strel becoming the first person to swim the length of the Amazon River (at 52 years old!). He also was the first to swim the length of the Danube, the Yangtze in China, and the Parana in South America, as well as the first to swim across the Mediterranean Sea without touching any boats, and he swam the length of the Mississippi River in record time. I can't think of any other athlete with this list of accomplishments (Reinhold Messner, maybe).
  • In no particular order 1. Michael Phelps 8 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics 2. Bob Beamon shattering the long jump record by almost 22 inches in the 1968 Olympics. Not beaten until Mike Powell did it in 1991. 3. Let's not forget Mark Spitz's 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics 4. Nolan Ryan's 7 no hitters 5. Jonny Van Dermeer's back to back no no's 6. UCLA's 7 straight NCAA basketball titles 7. Celtics 8 straight titles 7+ .Cy Youngs 511 wins 8. Americas Cup 100 year win streak, 24 straight title defenses 9. Secretariat's 31 lenght win at the Belmont 10.Shooting 59 by Annika Sorenstam, Al Geiberger (the first), Chip Beck and David Duvall 11. Ted Williams batting .406 in 1941 12. Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open by 15 strokes and his "Tiger Slam" 13. Richard Petty's 200 Racing wins 14. Roger Bannister runs the first sub 4:00 mile 15. Pete Maravich averages 44 points per game for his career at LSU 16. Ty Cobb's .356 career batting average 17. Barry Bonds' breaking the all time home run record* ( * had to throw it in!) 18. Babe Ruth's hoem run records! single season had more than the entire league! 19. Edmund Hillary scaling Mt. Everest 20. Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points 21.1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team's Miricale on Ice 22.Jesse Owens brought down the German dominace in the 1933 Olympics 23.1972 Dolphins perfect season (Sorry Patriots) 24.Cal Ripken Jr.'s consecutive games streak 25.Tom Bradys' 50 Td's 26. Amelia Earhart's solo flights across the Pacific (she lived) She did not make it around the world. Last but not least, in my opinion the hardest and most difficult...Lance Armstrongs' 7 Tour de France victories

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