• Think about "local" place to travel too.. like beaches or camping?
  • yeah - drive, drive, drive. Sleep in your car, stay in a hostel, bring a friend along to share the expenses. And make your own meals whenever possible, it saves money.
  • Get a job on a cruise ship or at a national park. Basically decide where you want to go and get a job there. Or get a job with a firm that has branches all over. Get a transferable skill. One that you can work anywhere. Ton's of books on this subject at the library.
  • If you're under 26 or are a student, get an STA travel card which gives you discounts on flights, accommodation and attractions amongst other things. (That is the English STA website, there are others for different countries, you just need to search Google). You could also try Couch surfing, but of course you need to be careful and take the appropriate precautions.
  • Well... If you have a couple of good friends that you can tollerate bieng in the car with for more than a couple of days on end. You could take them with you and split the cost amongst yourselves. Maybe even ask if someone can loan you a little cash for awhile. Also, if you don't mind camping you could always sleep in a tent instead of a hotel to cut down on expenses. (a defininate must for long trips) If you are going somewhere where you know people you could call ahead and see if you can stay with them on the way to whereever you are going. (walk to work for awhile instead of driving and save that gas money for the trip. (if your job is within walking distance)
  • Hostels offer good deals for the younger crowd.Many are located near major tourist destinations and can save you upwards of 90% of a hotel room in a major chain that may even be located next door. Also check out airline affiliates and hub travel. By flying into some gateways and connecting you can save quite a bit. I saved about 30% off what airfare would have normally cost by going this route on a trip around the planet.
  • get a second job, thats what I did! I saved up in 2 months for a trip to Ireland.
  • Befriend commercial pilots, cruise line employees, travel agents, etc. They all get great "friends & family" deals and usually don't have time off work to take the holiday.
  • Homeless shelters and keep your things on you at all times.
  • I believe just do it! LIfe is too d short and I believe live now and with no regrats..we will always have bills. Enjoy your life while you can
  • Go to the library and read up on different places, learn a language, learn about their food and traditions. PLan on wherer you might like to go in the future.
  • Contact some volunteer agencies and explore the possibilities of taking working vacations where you help other people. You may still have to pay your own way, but you also will get bargains and meet some really nice people.
  • Try rideshare with and if it bothers you to be in a car with someone you don't know, take a friend with you.
  • Go with a group of people. Divy up the costs. Hitchhike and then stay in a motel. Take a greyhound! I've done it cross country before. Sell some sh** on ebay. Youd be surprised what people sell on that site.
  • Get the book "How to go almost anywhere for almost nothing" by Maureen Hennessy It has a ton of information that I think you would love!
  • Jump a train. you'll have three hots and a cot at any of the homeless shelters in all major metropolitian areas in the US. and you can enjoy endless hours of site seeing through the public transportation system. Hey, if you really want to splurge, you can garb 4 postcards for a dollar to bring back with you to save on postage. Total cost of vacation: $50.00 for 2 weeks. Talking about the experience afterwards, priceless.
  • i came up with a great way to save up money to travel, it is very easy and very affective! what i did was to set up a direct deposit checks from my job so my money will be put directly to my bank account every week or month or whatever! in my bank i opened 2 accounts, a regular cheking account and then a saving account! there is an option with derict deposit that lets you split the check in any percentage you want between the 2 accounts, so i put %70 in my checking so i can pay my day to day expenses and the rest (the %30) went to my savings account which i didnt touch for a year! when it was summer and i was out of school and i had nothing to worry about, i just took all that money from my savings account and just traveled with it! and doing that i have been in every continent on earth - except antarctica- .. but yeah thats my way of doing it.. it is very easy and u dont even feel like ur saving money! it just comes to you the end of the year! the trick tho is not to touch ur savings account! pretend it does not exist for a year. good luck buddy!
  • Other than going "off season" for cheaper fares and taking advantage of promotional offers, I don't think you can get around the cost of tickets other than working for an airline who offers its employees free flying benefits. Hopefully you'll get where you want to go and if you do, why not barter your lodging? A couple of friends of mine went to New Zealand and traded homes with another couple for the duration of their stay. It worked out great because they even had access to the hostessing family car. Happy traveling!
  • well i travel abrod every year right . and if u where to borow money and pay the person back that u borowed from and then get a good job that goes for lots of money.. like a artist or a securtey gaurd and pay them out of that money...
  • Borrow a skateboard?
  • Get yourself a tent and go camping. It's very cheap and a lot of fun. It takes some sacrifice in the comfort department, but it's a great way to travel on a budget. Just pick safe campgrounds.
  • I know where you're coming from. I'm just aching for some far-away travel but my budget says nope. In the mean time, I've tried to satisfy my travel bug by looking into local places for a day or weekend trip. Pulled out my camping and hiking supplies and found lots of in-state camping and hiking areas. Packed a cooler with groceries and splurged one night at a restaurant.
  • Do what I do. I start planning months in advance. When I went to Paris last year, I booked and paid for my flight, using a discount site (I only paid $400). Once the dates were set, the next month I booked and paid for my rooms using another discount site. The following month I was able to purchase museum passes, etc. Each month I purchase what I am going to need, so once I get there all I need is money for food and trinkets and maybe some emergency cash, just in case.
  • Join an aid based organization: travel and help people at the same time.
  • Hi, I'm Maureen Hennessy, author of How to Go Almost Anywhere for Almost Nothing. Although I wrote the book in 2000 and some things have changed, it will still give you loads of information about cheap travel and you can always get up-to-date information by emailing me at Anyway, I've tried couch surfing -- it's free and it works very well ( Alternatively, hostels usually provide the best value if you are traveling alone, but if you have someone to share the expense, check out cheap accommodations in your search engine. There are lots of ways to get where you are going without breaking the bank. Good luck!

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