• It's insane to think I'd lose my mind because I didn't have a computer. The day I become that dependent on technology is the day I hope a truck hits me.
  • Well, I think I could last at least a week. I do all my work on the computer and my warehouse could really become a mess if I couldn't update my inventory's and things like that.
  • Forever. Lack of a computer ain't gonna do it. I think age has something to do with it. Even though I've been "pc literate" since 1982 - ala DOS, I still go to the public library. I still write letters. It's more a question of convenience and immediacy...instant gratification popping up its ugly head again.
  • 2 days i really like my comp but i still have my phone haha!
  • My sanity would probably return. No, since I do a large amount of my research on the computer it would make life very difficult indeed. Hunting through old law files and books is not the best use of time. The frustration would eventually drive me insane I think but mainly on the work front.
  • Probaly by the next day I can't go that long without answerbag in my life
  • I wouldn't be that insane. I think. Maybe a week.
  • I think I would't go insane. I would just go back to TV.
  • About 2 days.
  • an hour (it's not that far of a trip)
  • Who are the 'they' that think they can do this? Are they also going to take the computers out of the libraries? In any case I can get along just fine without my computer I'd rather not but I existed for over 20 years before I even owned a computer so I can do it.
  • I would most likely start regressing to more steady minded. However my mind went on vacation 5 years ago and has yet to come back. Lol

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