• When I had to fly home to my Stepmothers Funeral - I cried the whole time
  • Once I flew in a test flight for studying how planes takeoff and land. That flight in which I went was worse in condition. That flight might look like this.
  • I flew a connecting flight from Cleveland to Buffalo in mid-December. I flew in a propeller airplane. The damned thing was rocking in flight from takeoff to landing. It made me miss jets so much.
  • A flight from Midland to Austin on Southwest Airlines during a horrific storm. When we landed the plane was jumping all over the place. I was genuinely concerned that it might be the end, so were most other passengers. All went well though, no problem. Those commercial airline pilots are amazing if you ask me.
  • When I was in the Air Force and had to strap on a parachute. Fortunately, we made it back and landed safely, but until we touched down.............
  • A Lufthansa Flight from Frankfurt to London, Heathrow, we were caught in a very bad thunder and lightning storm and had to turn back and land. I have never really been sure why ,it was quite exciting but a lot of people were pretty panicky. The saddest was when I had to take my sister to bury her son.
  • (*cough cough*, asweetguy) I was on a trip to France from the United States and the... Audio/Earphones were broken Seat cushion was not glued on (it kept sliding) Flight attendants were snobby A group of noisy German men sitting by
  • Some small short distance plane, it was shaky and didn't feel safe.
  • Between Jakarta and Singapore. We hit an enormous tropical storm, and could not get above it. We had to fly right through it. The plane was hit several times and the lights went off, we shook and pitched continually. They didn't dare feed us, even though it was an international flight. Luckliy it was only a couple of hours, but it was a scary couple of hours, let me tell you.
  • In eastern Europe definitely.
  • a 14 hour flight from Korea to the US. 14 hours. The food was good though.
  • Taking off from Sydney the plane blew an unknown number of tyres, but still took off (or lurched into the air anyway). The pilot said "We can't land back in Sydney as we left too much debris on the runway. Plane seems okay. We'll just go to San Francisco anyway and see if we can land there..." I spent 14 hours thinking about the way he said "...see if we can...". Landed with an honour-guard of ambulances and fire engines. It was okay though.
  • a flight out of covington to escort my sisters remains to louisiana..plane was jumping the entire time ..and I have a fear of planes..4 shots in a 2 hr flight to keep me in the seat..LOL
  • From Los Angeles to Gatwick - London. Behind two loud drunk Irish women- both chain smokers (when you could still smoke on intl flights) and their collective 6 children from 6 mos to 6 yrs. Between the screaming, crying, upchucking and seat kicking...and that was the women...
  • I flew from Japan to fiji once,the flight was an overnight one,it was 9 hours long,I couldnt sleep,it was hot,I was wrestless.It was just terrible!
  • I was flying from Houston George Bush to Los Angeles. I got to the terminal a good 2 hours early because someone in our Houston office said there'd be alotta traffic and I should leave that early. Oh well. My plane pulls up to the gate & everyone gets off no problem. Then some maintenance guys come out and look at the wing. Uh oh. They announce a delay. Later they announce the plane is inoperable so they're gonna put us on a different (smaller) plane at another gate and start asking for volunteers to take a later flight. I didnt wanna, so I stayed. An hour or so later after everyone gets new boarding passes they just start to board the new plane and all the doors in the terminal shut. Some girls had run thru an inactive metal detector and they had to shut down the entire terminal, evacuate it, run the bomb squad/dogs through, and re-scan everybody thru security. We didn't end up boarding until about 11PM, later than the original 10:45 flight that I didn't wanna get bumped to (and get a free meal $300 etc). In all I'd spent about 8 hours at the airport that day. But the flight itself was fine. As we landed one of the stewardesses pointed at another plane at a gate and told me that was the 10:45 flight. It got there before my original 5PM or so flight.
  • Tobago - Trinidad ..I felt like we were going to crash it went down FAST!
  • Florida to Bahamas - The plane sat about 10 people and there was a storm.
  • Flying from Fresno, CA to Atlanta, GA. We taxied down the runway, then returned to the terminal. We were told we had left engine trouble. No one looked at the left engine. We took off! (We made it anyway!)
  • There was a loud boom right after takeoff, and everyone was looking at each other like, "did you hear that?" Then the captain says, "it's come to our attention that we need to return to the terminal." Fire engines were racing down the runway to meet us. One of our engines had literally fallen off the plane!
  • First....I was on an Airliner headed for Singapore and the Captain announced he was shutting down one engine but that the plane was perfectly capable of flying on 2........We were over the Indian Ocean....he announced..OK We have a problem with another engine and cannot fly on one...It was..exciting..... Secondly.. I was in a Chinook coming into land in and an RPG round burst through the door and landed...unexploded.. amongst twenty two of us...we all stared then..laughed cheered and partied like it was 1999
  • MSP-SMF, NWA 727-200, night flight, packed to the gills, crying babies, broken air conditioning, and a 4.5 hour trip, yuck!
  • Flight from Seattle to Alaska was terrible and scary.

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