• The Black Zodiac is composed of 13 fictional zodiac signs which were created by Dark Castle entertainment and used in the movie Th13rteen Ghosts. There are some speculations that circulate around the net about the real version of The Black Zodiac, no proof has been found.
  • alrighty. the black zodiac in the movie 13 ghost is bull, we all should know that, its good (or bad in some peole opinions) entertainment. but you know what they say about every good lie , theres always a grain of truth in it. there is menchin of a black zodiac in the "necronomicon" or "book of the dead". it is in fact the negative aspects of every ones zodiac that the one we are all formilure with seem to suger coat or over look. the names that i am going to give you are not right out of the text , but they are the meanings. im giving it to you that way because the otehersz are rather obscure and hard to read. <br>The Selfish King<br>The Slain Demon<br> The Viper<br>The Snake<BR>The Lady of Battles<BR>The Whirlwind<bR>The Ravening Dog<br>Scorpion Man<br>The Hurricane<br>and Fish Man. other info (not much i could find because of people who now just belive it was only made up for the movie and seem to never look over text lke the necro with much thought.) can be found on this site , where i coppied the names from so i wouldnt leave any out. and what they mean.

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