• You should take the cat to the vet - professional advice would probably be best at this point ..
  • If he is scratching his ears, he could have ear mites, which are not killed by flea medication.
  • It's best to take him to the vet to be sure it is fleas that's causing him to itch and scratch. If it is, then get Revolution flea and tick treatment from your vet. It will cost you about $10 for a 30 day application, but it's well worth the expense because it works. Although I don't know how effective it is on an animal who goes outside. If your cat has scabs and is biting itself on his legs constantly, he could be suffering from a flea allergy. In this case, your vet will give you a week's worth of antibiotic medicine to give your cat and might give him a steriod shot to relieve the itching long enough for his skin to start to heal. Take care to take care! Bottomline is you gotta take your cat to the vet.
  • First of all I'd take him to the vets. There are plenty of conditions that could make your cat scratch which don't include fleas. Simply stopping him from scratching won't ease the discomfort for him if he is suffering from some sort of skin condition. If the vet rules out any conditions which need treatment and it's simply a behavioral problem then try Basically, they're little plastic caps that fit on your cats nail (you have to trim the nail a little first). You stick them on with glue and they last about 4-6 weeks at which point you trim the nail again and replace the cap. We only put them on our kittens front paws so they can't scratch furniture, but you could put them on his back claws so he can't scratch himself.

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