• IN California anyway you can make a U-turn as long as there's no sign saying No U-Turn.
  • All states and jurisdictions are different, when it comes to u-turns. most states allow a u-turn as long as its accomplished safely and there is not a sign forbidding the turn.
  • Depends on what state you're in and what type of roadway you're driving on (eg a divided highway as opposed to a highway without a median strip).
  • In Minnesota...You cannot make a U-turn unless you can do so without interfering with other traffic. U-turns are only allowed where your vehicle can be seen for a distance of 1000 feet in both directions. In many urban or metropolitan areas signs are posted to prevent U-turns in areas where they would be unusually dangerous or interfere with traffic. U-turns on interstate freeways are prohibited.
  • I do it all the time! (Nevada)
  • Depends if you are at an intersection, or on the freeway.
  • Not in an intersection unles postedl.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it if theres no sign there

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