• I think I would offer gum and mints like mad until he got the clue. =) Also, I grew up in a family where if your breath was bad, someone was gauranteed to tell you to brush your teeth. So, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if someone was blunt about it.
  • just keep being like want sum gum?mints etc and hell be like why do u keep giving me breath fresheners "well sometimes you get bad breathe and well its okay everyone does but i thought could just help "??most of the guys ive dated always brush their teeth right before i saw them and id still be able to taste their toothpaste...just keep up bringing up the fact that you are "brushing"you teeth hell get the hiint
  • Ask him if he has had a sore throat or on any medication, because you've noticed his breath seems a bit bad lately and you know that that stuff can cause bad breath...That way you sound concerned and it will make him think about his oral hygiene more!
  • When you are not in an argument or in an intimate situation, just tell him that you need to talk to him (privately) and tell him that you don't want to hurt his feelings, and that you really do like him, but that you are disturbed by his bad breath. I honestly can't tell you how he will take it, but at least you were honest.
  • Just tell me like my husband does "your breath stinks".
  • I for one would appreciate a straight, simple answer such as "You know, your breath is kind of bad, would you mind doing something about it?" Perhaps if you want to soften the blow you could give him a packet of breath mints at the same time, that way you give the more positive impression of a well intentioned ift and make it seem less like you're recoiling in disgust (Most guys find recoiling in disust to be at least a minor turnoff).
  • Haha. My style would be to tell him boldy, but jokingly. Just be like "HOLY HELL. Your breath smells like ass. I something rotting in there? Have a friggin breath mint." I'd continue it so that they'd know the problem was actually THERE, but be lighthearted and goofy about it so they'd know it didn't matter much.
  • Say: "i love you but your breath is stinky"
  • Just offer him breath mints repeatedly. He may have bad dental hygiene, rotten teeth or gingivitus, a sinus infection, or digestive problems (such as constipation). Could also be a food he likes to eat heavy with onion or garlic. If he isn't brushing his teeth regularly (including his tongue), I wouldn't be too quick to be kissing on dude. Bacteria in the mouth transferred from person to person can cause YOU to begin to have problems with your teeth and gums. You can ask him when is the last time he went to the dentist. You can also joke and say "dang dude, can you lay off the garlic before you come see me your bref is hummin'! Seriously though, if the problem persists, you may have to look elsewhere for romance. Ms. HeartBeat
  • Keep giving them gum or mints. If they don't get get, tell them that their breath stinks.

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