• --Terrestrial plasmas-- Lightning Ball lightning St. Elmo's fire Sprites, elves, jets The ionosphere The polar aurorae --Space and astrophysical plasmas-- The Sun and other stars (which are plasmas heated by nuclear fusion) The solar wind The interplanetary medium (the space between the planets) The interstellar medium (the space between star systems) The Intergalactic medium (the space between galaxies) The Io-Jupiter flux-tube Accretion discs Interstellar nebulae Source:
  • 6-18-2017 Plasma is not fire, it is electrically charged particles. When a charged particle moves, that is an electric current. The northern lights are a glow discharge lamp, same as a neon light, powered by electric current from the sun and mostly nitrogen for the glowing gas. The electric current is called "solar wind" by people who know nothing about electricity. SRSLY, there are scientists who will tell you that electricity has no effect outside of equipment specifically designed to use it.

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