• i attempt to drink it while sleepy, which often results in spillage. if there's a paper below it at the time, then it's stained... usually, i get my shirt more than anything else though.
  • Make a big pot of coffee or tea. Then pour it in a flat pan/dish/whatever. Place the paper in the pan and when it is fully submerged take it out quickly so it doesn't rip. You can blow dry it or let it dry on its own, whichever pleases you.
  • This is how we do it. Make a weak pot of tea or coffee and cool it. Pour it into a pan. Place yopur paper or cloth into it till it reached the desired color and then pour out the liquid so you don't tear the paper or drip coffee or tea every where. And you can do multipul sheets at one time. If it's cloth pour it all into the washer and wash it to remove the excess so the cloth won't continue to darken or color unevenly.

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