• Here goes: Preparation: tonight, find a quite area and go over your evidence of what you saw, smelled, felt,or heard. Wear subtle clothing, nothing in bright colors or outlandish. Testifying. if this is a trial, answer the questions with a yes or no answer and always address your answers to either the judge or the jury. In conclusion, giving evidence is very important in someone's life. make sure you are sure of what you witnessed. giving testimony is a lifetime experience. Hope this helps you, john.
  • I witnessed a shoplifter at my previous employment. Because the manager asked me to take over whilst he called the police it was me who technically caught him, so i had to testify against him. Everyone else involved backed out because they were scared he would come after them. I was very nervous, but said all i could remember and just told the truth. Just remember its not your fault your there, your their to tell the truth and say what happened. If your really worried, there should be a service provided by the court where someone can come and talk to you before hand.
  • Blimey, I can appreciate how you must be feeling. If its of any help I would write down everything I saw, felt and heard of what I had witnessed as soon as I had a quiet moment to do so. Writing things down helps to clarify and categorise in your mind the events that took place and can help make you feel more confident and in control. When in the courtroom tomorrow I would perhaps try to imagine I was in a less intimidating scenario. Rather than thinking I was in the courtroom I would imagine I was instead telling my boss what happened. My boss is still an authority figure but he is not as intimidating as being in a courtroom. If I could imagine I was just talking to him then it would be easier. All the best, dont be nervous, remember it is a good and decent thing you are doing. If something had happened to you or a loved one you would want someone to stand up and testify too, so dont be afraid or intimidated. You've got truth on your side. Hope this helps a little bit.
  • give short answers. dress plainly. dont show emotion. do not let them scare you. have a BIG drink afterwards. Good Luck.
  • I've never had to give evidence in front of court. If I were in the situation, I would make sure I prayed the night before and ask God to be with me in the courthouse. I would ask for guidance and strength, and I would ask that the Judges eyes be open to what really happened. I would also ask God to take away your fear, and to give you peace and relaxation. Hope this is helpful.
  • I'm a trial lawyer. Just keep it simple. Listen to each question, take your time thinking about it, then give a truthful answer, then stop talking and wait for the next question. Most witnesses make the mistake of talking too much, not too little. So give your response and wait for the next question. If your answer isn't what the lawyer is looking for, it's almost always the fault of the question, not yours, so just wait for a follow up question. Speak your answers, don't shake or nod your head. Don't try to argue with the lawyer, just answer the questions, no matter how dumb they seem. Good luck, you'll get through this.
  • Hope it went well for you! To anyone who might be facing this issue just relax. Don't sweat it.
  • Don't elaborate on any of your answers. As an example, if they ask, "What color is the table?" Just answer with the color and not that it is also made of wood.
  • Just answer the questions and don't add any thing extra.
  • Couldn't you get out of it? Why would you waste your time?
  • 2022..August~~ nope never been there ,but id imagine if i did go id Not look at the defendant ...good luck
  • 1) tell the truth 2) Don't fuck with a judge and 3) Don't get high when you are. Here:

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