• There will, sadly, always be bossy people, and I can sympathise with you as I have been the victim of many of them, but the word "victim" is the key here. You may not be able to change your teacher, but you can change your response to him/her. I don't know what the details of the bossiness is, but, if you analyse the situations, you may be able to find ways to short-circuit the pleasure this shrew gets out of pushing you round. eg change your attitude; come into class smiling, greet him/her in a friendly way, try to anticipate the commands he/she might give and perform the action BEFORE it is asked of you. Hand things in ahead of time, and with a smile. If they ride you, you might give a big grin and say "YOur wish is my command, o fearless leader" or something polite but with a sarcastic twist to it. You see, the pleasure they get is seeing you squirm, or sneer, or get angry. If you don't, the fun stops, and so might they. Of course, if it gets unbearable, talk it out with your parents and go to the principal with witnesses. But try the "Love your enemy- it'll frive 'em crazy" method first. All the best.
  • What is your definition of "bossing you around"? Teachers are teachers and sometimes this is what they do as long as the bossing, does not cross the line. 95% of the population has a boss, the other 5% are wealthy or millionaires and that speaks for itself. the point is, maybe this teacher is preparing you for the real outside world. what do you think? We all have bosses.
  • Lol.dont worry.Take your time .Show Your perfomance.Just face your teacher with confidence.Never keep any loop holes in your preparation.take it as a good note.That your teacher at least cares about you. Good luck .God bless You.
  • Let his car tyres down but don't get caught .
  • DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!! And stop whining.

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