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  • What about a good old fashion cock ring toss. You can use some of your own product line as props. Cock rings and a suction style dildo/vibe. Stick the toy onto a table or some other smooth surface and attempt to "toss" the rings onto it. The host should have some type of prize - their supplier should have products that they give away.
  • How about this...Go to the "TOY" store and buy a Mr big dick...He's a lil toy with a BIG COCK the one we use at out games is purple. ok the host picks up a toy and starts describing its uses and such or maybe she is describing a lotion, she has to choose which word you the guests have to look out say I am going to say the word cock and when u hear me describing something and I use the word cock, then you pass mr dick to ur neighbor until the hostes says stop whomever is left holding mr dick gets a prize!
  • All of the toy parties I've been to have had drinking games, and of course the testing of the products.
    • Beach_Niki
      Did you guys test the double headed dildo or the strap on?
  • have all the girls sample flavored lotions off your hubbies cock and the slut who makes him spew gets a free dildo as well as a mouth full of jism
  • I remember the cock ring toss and putting strap ons on and fighting with it or something odd like that.
  • I'm a Managing Director with For Your Pleasure. I'm shocked that even a new person wouldnt' know what kind of games to play. Have her email me and I'll gladly help her with game suggestions. Here is what I play at all of my partis and its a blast. Have everyone write down a sexual phrase on a sheet of paper. Naughty, raunchy, romantic or sweet! (Ex: Bend me over slap my ass and call me mommy) *hehe* Then collect the papers and pass them back out making sure nobody gets there own back. Then have them write any six numbers between 1 & 30. Next have the rep randomly call off numbers if she calls a number you have written down they yell out the phrase on your paper, when they get all six of them scratched off fake and orgasm and they get a prize! Have fun!
    • Beach_Niki
      Have had you ever done live demonstrations?
  • sorry, i have never been to a sex toy party...

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