• I personally would consider it higher, It sure is way higher than mine.
  • Higher income. The median household income in America is $44,000 or so. That's nearly four times the median.
  • Really high and they can adopt me at anytime.
  • I say Higher income family
  • It depends on where they live. In Louisiana they would be on the high end but in California closer to the middle.
  • I have felt privileged to make @28,000 as a waitress when I was younger. I was able to travel, take classes, and enjoy my life. Of course I had no kids, and no savings, what separated me from the poor was the fact no tragedy occurred that bankrupted my financial resources. Yet if you want to buy a house, take vacations, invest, save money, raise children then 175,000 may be closer to upper middle class demographics than middle or upper class demographics. I live in a city where the average house costs over 400,000. If that is average, then what is the average dual income that can afford a 400,000 dollar house? It may be something like $175,000.
  • If I remember correctly the social classes can be divided up into three categories by income. They are upper, middle, and lower class. Of these classes, they are divided further into sub-classes. For example, in the USA ,someone who earns between one and ten million a year may be considered "Lower, Upper Class". (Those numbers may have changed) To be considered "Upper, Upper Class" an annual income of 200 million plus is necessary. (It may be higher now.) To answer your question, $175,000 is considered "Upper Middle Class".
  • I would say upper middle classes.
  • My old man and I are lucky if we make 70K combined, you are HIGH income.
  • Upper middle class
  • This is the amount we made in 2007. Our kids are grown up now, we have 5 grand kids and we are helping with their college funds, we have a 5 bedroom house on a Golf course in South Florida, we each drive what is considered a luxury car, we own a timeshare in Hawaii, and go there once a year with the grandkids, we go out once a week for dinner or a show, we are putting 20 % of our income into retirement accounts as well. We are both professionals in the aviation industry, and we feel very fortunate that our jobs are 1) in demand and 2) pay well. We are both college graduates. I feel we live well, hope this help. JL

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