• I have been doing it for two days because they are doing work on water pipes outside our house and we cant drink the tap water until we get a letter saying we can.
  • taste better, arrowhead, couple of years. growing up i used to drink tap water all the time
  • because the neighborhood i lived in until last year (for 9 years) had BAD pipes and the water was literally dirty. the water here has a lot of chemicals in it. i guess i've been drinking bottled for about 12 years.
  • 2 reasons. The first, and HONEST reason is because I find it terribly convenient. I can carry a bottle with me - I leave a bottle on my desk and in the car. I take it with me to rehearsal. I like water (and it is very nearly my exclusive cold beverage choice) and I drink a lot. If I go get a glass, I drink it and want more immediately. A bottle allows me keep a litre or so immediately at hand, so there's plenty to drink when I want it. 2. I live in S. California and there has been more than one case of inappropriate chemical levels in some of our water (Erin Brockowitz ring a bell?). I'm not hyper paranoid, but I have a water filter in my sink and prefer not to drink tap. If tap is the only option , well, so be it. There's a part of me that thinks if I drink water from a filtered source, at least most of the time, I'll have a lowered risk of a nasty side effect from a water supply problem. For the record, I routinely refill my water bottles from the filtered tap at home or the Sparklettes cooler at work... way cheaper!
  • Because it is easy to pack along or pick up at the quick stop if I didn't bring a drink along with me. Also because you hear so much about how we all need to drink more water.
  • I prefer tap water in England. I drink bottled water when i am in places with bad tasting or unhygienic water filtering.
  • I don't. I don't waste my money buying bottled tap water.
  • Because it tastes better than the tap water, where I live. I've been doing it for quite soon time now.
  • I always thought it was absurd. ;-)
  • I strut around with my Nalgene most of the time. Tap water suits me just fine and I can fill up any number of places during my day. Staying hydrated is one of my number one priorities. There are more reasons, but this is a good, short list: I don't drink bottled water because I'm not an oil tycoon or Saudi prince, and the tap water around here is actually pretty good. What boggles my mind is that people complain about their tap water quality, but choose to passively accept it and shell out for Evian. Water is a key component of life on this planet. If your government isn't providing you with clean, safe water, what the hell are you doing on AB when you should be rioting in the streets? People should be hopping mad about paying for undrinkable drinking water. Buying bottled water just tells politicians that you'd rather pay through the nose than get worked up about a public health issue.
  • The water in SoCal doesn't taste very good. By the time it gets from the Colorado River to me, it collects a lot of alkali. So I drink bottled water when I'm in SoCal. Most other places, especially up north, tap water is fine.
  • I don't, it's a waste of money
  • yes, I'm doing it all my life. and why???? well, why shouldn't I. the past few years (since 2003) I'm in Iraq and I don't wanna catch anything here, and back home.... it's as good or even better as any other water.
  • I drink the bottled water that comes from right here in my home town. It is sold all over the world. +5
  • I usually buy a bottle once a week and then fill it up with tap water for the rest of the week. Lol
  • Yes I buy it all the time as it encourages me to drink more water!
  • It's a waste of money. Most of those labels clearly state that they are made with 'municipal' water, despite what the label depicts. Besides, now I am on a well and the north Georgia mountains deliver it fresh to my tap :)
  • I work in a place where I can get Millipore water (ultra pure), so I bring home a gallon or two a week. It keeps my hot water maker free from scale, but at the same, it's probably leeching important minerals from my body. Has anyone else heard that about distilled water?

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