• I am, generally, a generous tipper - I calc 20% (including tax, which customarily you don't do) and round up or down depending on service. I generally tip better for good service, and I will tip lower if service is bad, due to waiter/ess. I will never stiff a waitron - I will always tip at least 8% to cover the taxable amount. More importantly, if service was so bad to prompt a crappy tip, I will usually say something to the waitron or manager after the meal is over (never during) and I will never go back. Ever. No second chances.
  • 20-30%. If service is particularly poor, I may go 10%, but I never stiff. You will get a better tip from me if: -you know your menu and restaurant (blank stares are all too common). Ask the chef/head cook/manager if you don't what "that" ingredient is. Better yet, taste the dish when you have a chance. You do eat in your own restaurant don't you? -you notice and fill up my waterglass if I am drinking it (especially if I am drinking wine as well - it will help with dehydration the next day, but I might just be thirsty). -you are at least polite. So you've had a bad day, chances are good that mine wasn't good either. Being polite is an acceptable substitution for a smile. I will if you will. -you are as polite with my kids as you are with me. Then I will keep them quiet or take them outside. -be available. Look for eye contact or a subtle wave. I will only do it if I need you, but it keeps me from having to stand up to get your attention. -if you're going to lie, at least make it a whopper. I should get a little entertainment value from it at work when I tell them that you told me the only person working in the kitchen that evening is a one-armed cook (a server actually told me this one). -last, get the right food to me at the correct serving temperature. You don't have to know who gets what, just get it to the table. I will try to have a legitimate complaint or an picky, ancient relative if I ask you to send it back. Sure there's more, but you'll notice that there is relatively little to do with food. Respect and service are the most important things for you, let the kitchen worry about the food.
  • I usually tip 20% or higher if the service is very good. I like a waiter to be punctual, unobtrusive, and willing to serve.
  • About 20% minimum, more if it has been excellent service
  • At least 20%. Never stiff a waitperson. If service was BAD, leave your tip plus a penny. They'll get it. It might not get them to change, but they'll get the message. For better tips? Attention, like drinks full and order correct. Friendly smile, welcoming personality. Don't rush around like a chicken with head cut off.
  • For average srvc. about 20%, for above average srvc. double to triple that. To make sure you get a good tip from me * Don't ever make me wait or have to ask you to refill my drink (or anyone else's at the table). If I have to go refill it myself (& this has happened many, many times at resturants it should ever happen at)you can expect nothing at all from me..If I have to refill it myself more than once (yes, has happened) you can expect me to find your manager. *Basically watch my table, check in every once in a while, but not every 2 minutes. If I look like I'm looking for you o need something come check. *My drink is what I really base the tip on. I mean you can screw up my order and still get a $20 tip from me if I never wait on a drink. I understand that everyoe has an off night or makes mistakes, that I can get over. I can't get over having to wait to eat b/c I have nothing to drink. oh yea! If you have friends sitting in your area, don't let everyone else know it. Don't stay at their table all night laughing and goofing off, your other customers DO notice it. And really, who do you thinkis gonna tip you more...the friends who have come in hoping YOU are going to cut THEM a deal or the people who are there to enjoy a good meal? People really do take into account how hard waiters/waitresses work, we want to tip you good, leave you more than you are expecting...most of us come in with that in mind, but if you don't earn that great tip then you aren't going to get it.
  • for bad service I start by doubling the tax <CA 8%> then i go up from there. 20% or more for great service.
  • i usually go by how much money i have in my wallet. on average i will leave about 3 dollars.
  • If the only time I see the waiter is when he takes the order and brings the check, I refuse to tip. Often anymore a server brings the food and the waiter disappears into a black hole. If I wanted a faceless voice to take my order, I would go to a drive through. If the waiter comes back and checks on the food, checks on drinks, check on desert, and acts like they are at least slightly interested in me being there, I tip 20-25 percent.
  • 20% for good service 15% for just average service

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