• It's very hard to physically clean the injectors. Usually two methods are employed: A flush or a fuel additive. Fuel additives are very cheap and should be used every few months (more frequently as the vehicle ages). Use a good brand (STP, etc) and not a knock-off. Flushes are done at quick lube shops, etc. and normally cost around $60+. They recommend (for max profit...) that you do this every 6 months but that is not necessary unless you are using mexican gas. You can do this every few years as you wish, but using good fuel (shell/chevron) and the occassional fuel additive (make sure it says injector or fuel system cleaner) will prevent most of the buildup that these flushes remove. So, preventative maintenance would render this expensive service useless. Hope this helps, Good luck
  • 2 or 3 times a year.

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