• I would say that nursing is one of the highest in all three categories, though you often need an advanced degree to get a large promotion.
  • corporate CEO?
  • College professor. But it's a LOT of work to get to the level of tenured full professor. But the work is appealing work, which speaks to the "satisfaction" criterion.
  • You ask a good question. A national survey from 2006 I think can weigh in on this which found the more satisfying careers. If you count the number of "lives saved" as incomparable and invaluably worthy currency, then I'd say with out a doubt pastors, domestic missionaries and firefighters would top the list. Because of the unmerited favor I've received before God in the Cross, I kind of partial to the 1st two options, (=c]) even tough I am currently a computer programmer.
  • Its got to be a Lawyer!
  • I hear there's a shortage pharmicists.
  • It would actually have to be along the lines of electrical systems engineer or software/hardware development. At the rate the worlds going when's the next time we WON'T need computers/electronics?

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