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  • Do a lot of licking in a defined area and carefully measure the response you get in different places within that area.
  • Keep probing mate and wait till your female headbutts the light on the ceiling.
  • head for the neatherlands on a females body useing both hands and mouth . and trust me you will find it, it works every time .
  • Insert two fingers into her vagina with the palm upwards and use a "come here" type of motion. It feels like a rough sponge-like area approximately even with the top of the pubic hair line (or where it used to be). Her pleasure can be increased if tou press down lightly on her belly from outside the vagina at the same time so you are applying some pressure from both outside and inside her body. The G-spot can often be stimulated with your penis using rear entry positions.
  • I have posted this before hope it helps you. G-Spot Guide G-spot is the nickname for the Grafenberg spot, named after the guy who noted its erotic significance in the 1950's. The G-spot in women is analogous to the prostate in men (which seems to play a more direct role in sex and procreation). The G-spot is a gland located behind the pubic bone and around the urethra. It can be massaged or stimulated by reaching up about two finger joints distance on the upper surface of the vagina. If already aroused, some women will find that stimulation of this area leads to an intense orgasm which may be of a different quality from a clitoral orgasm. Stimulation of the spot produces a variety of initial feelings: discomfort, feeling the need to urinate, or a pleasurable feeling. With additional stroking the area may begin to swell and the sensations may become more pleasureable. Continuing stimulation may produce an intense orgasm. Like the prostate, the G-spot can produce an fluid like semen (but not as viscous) which may be released on orgasm- even known to "squirt" a couple of centimeters. For comparison, the prostate in men is also located behind the pubic bone and around the urethra. The two ejaculatory ducts also end here (bringing sperm from the testis via vas deferens). The prostate can be reached through the anus (as in Doctors performing a prostate exam). Continued stimulation of the prostate may produce intense orgasms in men. The prostate is the glad which produces most of the seminal fluid that is ejaculated (other than the sperm in the semen). For those who never had a close look at a vulva before and are a bit worried, I should say that, except when quite sincerely aroused, female genitals are usually clearly set out. The clitoris likes to hide under it's own little hood, the lips stick pretty close to one another, and it is quite likely that if the owner of the genitals is standing up and unaroused you won't really see more than some enticing tufts of hair and maybe the outer lips. People whose knowledge of these matters derives mainly from Playboy pictorials may be quite surprised that there's more here than "just a hole". Traditionally it was thought that all of the sensation available from the female genitals derived from the lips, entrance to the vagina, and especially the clitoris. In other words, what you see above. It was thought that the interior of the vagina was practically numb to sexual sensation. Now one of those old coots who spent his"professional" time sticking their noses into other people's intimate businesses was a guy called Grafenberg. Dr. G. had this theory that there was an area within the vagina, which was called the Grafenberg spot or G-spot, which not only was sexually sensitive but which could trigger bigger and better female orgasms than the clitoris and the exterior bits could by themselves. Now the trouble with Dr. G.'s claim was that not everyone seemed to be able to find this spot, which he reckoned was analogous with the male prostate gland, and those that did find it didn't necessarily like it much, and so there was some controversy, especially in the popular press. A number of folks who did find it and did like it eventually soused out the mechanics of the spot, and in recent years there have been a number of good books about it. The story is basically this: The G-spot is a flat area about as big as a nickel, about two inches inside the vagina. It's just behind the pubic bone, on the vaginal wall that is closest to the belly button. You can reach it with your index finger. If the genitals you're playing with are not very aroused then you might have difficulty finding it, or it might not feel very interesting or nice to the owner. The trick is to make those genitals very aroused, and then have a go at the G-spot. The best way is probably cunnilingus, which is Latin for having a lick, but any technique that provides good stimulation of the clitoris will do for starters. Now bear in mind that I'm skipping over a lot here. I strongly recommend a good deal of foreplay before diving into a woman's muff, like at least half an hour, and longer if you like. If you can manage dinner and a good bath beforehand, even better. Actually, I imagine that a bath or a shower before sex is a reasonably good idea anyway, because we're dealing with equipment that can be quite undesirable if it's on the nose when it's on the nose, if you take my meaning. Besides, bathing together is fun, if that's an option. So, presuming that your woman is content with the preliminaries and you're going hunting, you're going to have to begin by relaxing. If you're so messed up that slamming your dick in the door has a pleasurable side to it (sorry feminists, I'm not certain what the female equivalent to that state is) then forget all this until you've had a bloody good rogering or two. Once you've achieved a state of patient interest, slowly start to stimulate the clitoris. You've got to be really careful here, because clitori are damned sensitive little beggars, and too much of a good thing is not really a good thing at all. Also, different clitori like different things. Some like very direct stimulation, some prefer one side or the other, others are so sensitive that they like you to mainly stick to the clitoral hood or the labia. Some like a circular motion, and others like to be lightly flicked back and forth. The best way to find out what your clitoris likes is to ask it's owner, and if she doesn't know then do some experimentation. That's fun too, so don't get pissed off if it takes a little while to figure out what's good for you. As I said, my preferred method is cunnilingus, but if the owner of your clitoris doesn't like that for some reason ("no, my dear, it's not germy and it does taste rather nice") then you'll have to use your fingers. I find that the best thing for clitori is a nice regular stroke, with regular exotic interludes. Basically it's the same thing as for penises - you don't want all sorts of unpredictable jerking around, and you don't want to feel like it's caught in a vise, and you don't want it to feel like it's attached to a reciprocating engine going at 5000 revs. Take it easy. If the owner of your clitoris wants more stimulation you'll notice her writhing around and pushing it at you. If she wants less then she'll draw away. If it's just right then she'll sit where she is and enjoy it. Pay attention to what she does. When it comes to pleasuring a woman, she says a lot more with her actions than with her words. So, you've got a nice regular stroke going - say, seven strokes and then something exotic, and then another seven strokes and another something exotic. Of course the G spot is in the vagina, and you're going to have to know what's going on in there if you're going to find it and do something with it. Slowly insert a finger or two. Don't grab, because that can be rude and distracting. Now hopefully the vagina that you're dealing with is well lubricated, but that won't necessarily be the case. If you spend a long time at this even the juiciest woman can start to dry out, so it never hurts to have a little lubricant handy, just in case. I'd recommend K-Y jelly, which you should be able to find at any pharmacy, but there are lots of alternatives. One that I wouldn't recommend is Vaseline - too thick. Another is baby oil, it's too thin. You can entertain yourself by running your finger around the inside of the vagina, trying to discern its shape. Unless your female is coming (having an orgasm), you should probably find that the vagina is reasonably form-fitting, although some are tighter than others. If your female is not coming or consciously causing contractions you'll probably find that the vagina isn't doing anything in particular, just sitting there and producing lubricant. If you bring your finger to the front wall of the vagina then you'll find it less yielding than the rest, because there is a bone in front of it called the pubic bone, part of the pelvis. If you feel along this unyielding section or just beyond you may find a slightly raised area. This is the G spot. It might not be raised, but it will engorge once your female starts to come. Don't poke this spot yet. Don't do anything with it, yet. At best you won't have any effect, and at worst you'll be distracting. You've got to wait for your female to start to come. Now this might happen in thirty seconds, or it might take an hour, and you've just got to be patient and keep things regular and smooth. You'll be able to tell your woman is coming when: she tells you: she moans one hell of a lot and her breathing changes she flushes: over her face, neck and/or chest her vagina begins to flutter rhythmically around your finger You may see all of these things, or you may see none of them. If you miss an orgasm, don't stop unless you or she wants to. Women have startling recuperative powers, particularly when they're receiving the right level of attention, and generosity is its own reward. Multiple orgasms are not mythical. Once you believe that your woman is coming you should shift your attention from the clitoris to the G spot. Keep up the same rhythm, but use more pressure. You may want to keep some sort of contact with the clitoris, but just as a penis becomes super-sensitive during orgasm, to the point of discomfort, so can a clit. As with the clitoris, you should pay attention to whether the woman pushes towards you, draws away from you or just sits there to gauge the amount of pressure you're giving. You probably won't need to vary your speed much, but pay attention to what she says she wants. Now as you go at the G-spot you'll find that your woman keeps coming for longer than you've seen before. You may even experience that most startling of sexual phenomena, a female ejaculation. I've seen three of these (actually I got a mouthful), but I can't say whether the fluid comes from the vagina or the urethra. It's quite nice, sort of like salad dressing. It's definitely not urine, and it is probably polite and hopefully reciprocal to swallow it. Keep going at that G-spot. Eventually you will feel the vagina draw away from your finger - it becomes bigger and the walls get taut, and not form-fitting, sort of like a little cave. When it does this it's time to switch back to the clitoris. Keep up the same rhythm. When the vagina begins to contract on your finger again, go back to the G-spot. If you keep this up for a while (and if the owner of your female genitals wants to stop, then stop - this isn't a competition), you'll find that the nature of the vaginal contractions changes. The cave effect becomes less and less frequent and you can spend more and more time with the G-spot. Also, the contractions in the vagina become less simple squeezing and fluttering, and more a sort of reverse swallowing - a contraction that starts deep within the vagina and travels to its entrance. It feels a bit like the vagina is trying to push your finger out. Eventually (may take hours and patience and many tries) you've got nothing but these push-out contractions, and you can go on as long as the owner of the genitals wants to, and your tongue and fingers don't wear out. If you go on this long you're almost certainly going to need some extra lubricant, so be prepared
  • It really works, my wife thinks I walk on water now.
  • On the top (front) of our vagina about one and a half to two inches in. - a rougher nodule area than the surrounding skin you can feel but usually only when we are highly aroused. I've only found mine about four times but men under say 40 mostly know how to go right to it.
  • The fact of the matter is that many women — (studies say about one out of three), have trouble reaching orgasm when having sexual intercourse with a partner. Most women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than through vaginal penetration - ie masturbation. If you are looking to find your G spot you should experiment with masturbation to see what you like and what you don't like. This articles:, gives a great rundown on masturbation, including techniques and ideas on how to get sexually satisfied. Hope that helps!

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