• A placebo is something that only has a psycological effect not a physical one. So the birth control pills will work and should do so safely.
  • If you're on a monophasic pill, you can just go ahead and start the new pack and skip your period, usually with no problems. However, if you are on a TRIphasic pill, meaning there are three different colours in your pack, then you must skip the sugar pills and start your next pack BACKWARDS. This way, your hormone level stays more even and you are less likely to get spotting or menstruation symptoms. Good luck!
  • Indeed, it is perfectly fine to skip the placebo pills. However, the reason they exist is so you have your period, for several reasons. It is a cleaning process, in which your body does a revamp and you're kind of denying it this time. Also, in the (albeit quite) rare situation you are pregnant, you may want to have your period as an added measure of assurance.
  • Yes you can, but as another poster reported, your period exists for a reason. It's good maitenence & skipping it too many times just screams blood clot.
  • No problem but don't do this and skip your periods too often. They're like spring cleaning for the womb lining. If you're going camping or a special friend's only around this weekend or whatever doing this to skip one period is fine.

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