• Well, if you are a normal human, you should know already.
  • So many different people with some many different Idea's about how things should be
  • There is ignorance in some people. This is something that can be considerately dismissed. Everything has an opposite. If there is love there is hate. I disagree with Allison the Charioteer if you scroll down the page. It is quite normal. Hatred is due to the choices we make. Like for example, you hate a particular item or movie for instance. In humanistic terms, some people were born to a particular race that they have been so accustomed to. Their reaction is different to another race maybe because they do not want to have anything to do with them. This is plain ignorance. I hope my answer is good enough
  • The answer is Satan is the god of this world and is the hater of all. It pleases the devil when people hate each other. I had my head down and the devil was very excited then I said amen and he fled.
  • Because people like Trump abound to draw out the worst in people.

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