• because we have things that we find more fun. SUch as "myspace", "aim", "ps3" and all that stuff. Those kind of games just dont interest this generation.
  • I guess they just get instant satisfaction from watching television and play on the computer! It is just how the world is going.... i guess.
  • It's sad isn't it? I'm 22 and my firend and I still play hopscotch, then again we are trying to teach my kid that there is more to life than the computer. I say it's all the parents going out and buying the games and the tv's and DVD's and computers. I see less and less kids out there playing, but then again, I see more kids overweight now, and that puts pressure on people like me and my son. Now, instead of hearing how his weight is in a great range for his age, I'm told he's too thin , as am I. NO, we aren't getting smaller, America is slowly getting bigger.
  • I find that todays kids are just down right lazy and the thought of them actually getting up and doing any sort of exercise like skipping or hopscoth is to much like hard work for them lol.
  • I think Kurt Cobain summed it up: With the lights out its less dangerous Here we are now ENTERTAIN US I feel stupid and contagious Here we are now ENTERTAIN US" Children of the last two generations are not encouraged to entertain themselves- they expect someone else to do it for them. I never expected my mother to be there when I wanted to play or to provide me with anything but the basics (a rope, some knucklebones, some chalk, some paper). I then had to entertain myself. It often meant going up the street to look for other girls my age, or if they weren't there, finding something to do on my own. I used to play tennis against the wall. I cut out paper dolls, I sang, listened to the radio.. I work amongst children in Indonesia. THey often have so little to play with, but they make the most of it.
  • Video games and TV have taken over. It is up to the parents to pull their children away from these things and encourage more physical activity.
  • Because lets face it, hopscotch compared to X-Box 360 - which do you think is more fun? If I were a kid now I wouldn't want to play rounders either. Kids only played it because there was nothing better.
  • The kids here still play those games. Well except rounders, I never heard of that.
  • Do those games come in all platforms? GBA, XBox, PS2, Wii?
  • Money. Instead of children's outdoor healthy games, children are indoors playing electronic unhealthy more exercise. Its all about the money. people invent these games, just for this reason. these games are addictive and instead of children playing the healthy outdoor games, they are glued to a screen like a magnet. This could be a contributing factor to the obesity of todays children.
  • parents never bothered to teach them and let their TV babysit them instead
  • I still see it sometimes PS Congrats on wedding! How is married life hun?
  • they have video games to do it for them
  • Because they play Wii, PS3 and Xbox now.
  • They got Xbox and the computer now. No time for hopscotch.

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