• Close to CJ's House you will see a row of blue buildings (right across the road from Denises House) you will find a van parked outside one of the houses. Once in the van you can start by pressing, i think its R3 and you just get outside the van run into a house that has that yellow thing that allows you to enter buildings, press triangle to pick up tv's ect and triangle again when you get back to the van to put it in the back... you'll pick up the idea... Oh and andre girl - shut your mouth, i dont see you doing better, i tried to help people, i mean its common sence, sorry you had so much trouble with something so easy!! So piss off.
  • Ok first you have to go to the blue houses across from the gym... get in the big green and black truck.. press R3.. you have until dawn to get everything you want done.. there will be an icon that says this on the screen...then drive around and look for houses with a yellow arrow in front of them.. park your car in front.. go into the house and find something you would like to steal.. press triangle...try not to much much noise.. there will be a noise meter on the top of your screen.. if you make to much noise a count down will start until the cops arrive.. get your butt out of there if this happens.. if not take the item you have picked up out of the house and go to the back of the truck and press triangle.. you can make as many trips into the house as you want.. after you have stolen all the items you want from all the houses you want there will be an icon on your map where you can drop off the stolen items to get cash.. go there and you will get your money
  • o and you need to beat the mission home invasion atleast i think you do
  • First you need to find a BLACK Boxville van (theres one in between the flats opposite the gym in Ganton) and then the time needs to be 20:00 (8pm). when the time is right press R3 to begin. the best way to do this is to find two houses next to each other that can be broken into. go into the 1st one and kill the inhabitants (silenced pistols are best for this but AK47s and SMGs are fine to) then quickly run straight back outside. when you go back in there should be no one inside leaving you to make as much noise as you like! do this for the house next door and when you've done that, the first house you robbed should have refilled with goods (and people) so you can just rob that agen instead of driving around.
  • first you need to go to pro laps and buy a hockey mask or some type of mask. Then get a weapon, preferably a handgun. Go to Cj's house. Near his house is a line of blue houses. On the last row all the way to the right there is a black boxville truck. Get in it and press 2 for the pc version or r3 for the ps2 version. If it is not between 20:00pm or 6:00am it will tell you to wait. When you are able to press 2 or r3 go and find a house. You gave 10 hours until daylight if you start it at 20:00. The best houses are in vinewood. The houses you break into have a yellow arrow in front of the door. Go in and try to stay quiet. There is a meter to tell you how noisy you are. If you fill it up you have 10 seconds to get out the house or the cops will come. To pick up items press triangle of the ps2 or num1 for the pc. Then quietly walk out the door and put it in the truck. You can choose to sell that item or go and get some more. When you have had enough get back in the truck. Once daylight comes you have 5 minutes to sell the things at a offloader(random location) Look for the offloader on the map. Once you have offloaded your goods you can wait until the next time or do something else
  • Theres one more all of you forgot its in Las Venturas in Camels toe its is near A garege only for ps2 version
  • you kiss your balls gooodnight
  • you dont unless you dont mind going to jail

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