• Generally, flash based players are better suited for use during sports than harddisk based players. The iPod shuffle is flash-based and therefore works well even if it's constantly being shaken. The iPod mini and the normal iPod contain hard disks. Hard disks don't work well when in motion. Fortunately, the iPod keeps the disk turned off most of the time. It turns the disk on to quickly load new songs into its memory and then turns it back off again. If you're jogging while it turns the disk on, it might conceivably skip if it can't load the new music quickly enough. Even so, I often use an original iPod during sports and have never experienced such a problem.
  • I don't know if it was designed to, but I jog a mile or two every day and I bring my iPod with me everytime. It has yet to skip or have any problems. My only suggestion is to pick a playlist and then turn it to the "hold" switch so that if you accidentally hit a button it won't change the song or anything. Also, i'd buy a protective case (around $20 at best buy) in case your iPod falls on concrete or something of the sort. good luck!

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