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  • From what I can find, you can get pregnant as soon as you ovulate. Most women don't ovulate for at least a month. There are, however, a couple of things to take into consideration. "If you suffer with dryness, or discomfort from having had stitches, vaginal lubricants can help. Water-based lubricants are recommended. The muscles holding the uterus may loosen during childbirth. If you want to get these back in shape, pelvic floor exercises can help. Your midwife or health visitor can explain how to do these exercises." (from I found the above mentioned site and PDR Health ( to be helpful. Other great places to research are online health sites like and your local library, of course. For the best advice, I'd recommend speaking with your midwife and/or delivery doctor. Hope that helps ;) -chuck
  • My wife has just given birth to our 1st baby and we were told that you are normally very fertile after having a baby due to the "ripeness" (for choice of a better word) of the uterus and the subsequent "clearing" of the wall/lining, and that this can happen in the 1st month, as the fella on the other answer (Chuck) said, you will/can fall pregnant on the next ovulation again.
  • My brother and I are nine months apart, so I assume that it can be as soon as possible.
  • From a friend's experience, a woman can get pregnant again even two months after she gave birth to a baby. Addendum: you can get pregnant even if you don't have your period yet after giving birth, especially when you are breastfeeding.
  • Some friends of mine have a son and daughter who are less then a year apart. So you can get pregnant again the first time you have sex (they did), regaurdless if you wait the 6 weeks or not.
  • I'm not aware of exactly how soon you can get pregnant again, however my son is 11 weeks old, and I just found out today that I'm pregnant again! Needless to say, this wasn't planned.
  • I know sisters that are 10 months apart, but I don't like to think about it.
  • awwwww crap!
  • I had a girlfriend who got pregnant 3 weeks after!!!
  • you really need to give your body time to heal after having a body.but a friend of mine had a baby then she was pregnant only 2 months after her c section.
  • i have a 5 weeks old baby and slept with my partner for the 1st time after having her just before she was 3 weeks old and we never used any protection! could i have been fertile then? i have not had my period yet and not sure when they r meant 2 return so if anybody has a rough idea that would be great!
  • If you aren't breastfeeding, some women ovulate as soon as three or four weeks after giving birth. Some "experts" say that you don't ovulate until after six weeks, but that isn't true in most cases, including mine. :-)
  • Well... My son is only 17 weeks old and I am 2 weeks late on my menstrual. I am feeling very sick, cramps, a headache. I also took a nap today but that could be because I have a 4 months old!! I wanted to loose my pregnancy weight before having another. So pray for me that I get my menstruals very very soon!! Oh ya I also took 2 tests already the both said no. Maybe I am just stressed out and it's messing with me ( I hope )
  • For some, as little as a month. I know women who have had babies 10 months apart.
  • Second baby born Jan 25th , third baby Feb 13th next year you do the math :-)
  • i had a baby 8 weeks ago, had unprotected sex with husband at 5 weeks we are bottle feeding now but were breast feeding for first few weeks. no period yet starting to get little worried may be pregnant again, last time hardly any symptoms, but if does happen then was meant to be and i will handle the feeding and nappy nightmare with a smile on my face
  • My mom became pregnant with my younger brother two months after I was born.
  • I had a baby on Jan 1, 2004, and Dec. 31, 2004.
  • You are supposed to wiat 3-6 months (preferably 6 months) before getting pregnant again so that your body can heal from giving birth and carrying the baby for the previous 9 months. I as a doctor should know this and therefor should have waited for the 6 months. Of course as we all know this doesn't always happened. I had twins this previous December and am due to have another baby in January of next year. I also have 2 other kids . One is almost 2 and the other will be 6 in December
  • If you have unprotected sex from labor to 6 wks after you will get preganent like that. No joke.
  • That depends on weather you have a private room or a semi-private room after you deliver oyur baby. If you have a private room you could get right on it.
  • You can get pregnant as soon as your brain allows entry of sperm. Do Not allow your man to enter with out a condom unless you want your children nine months apart like my sister-in-law.
  • i had my baby 17weeks ago he was 6wks prem ive still got no period aft 4mths had sex 3 mabye 4 times since he was born hadno pregnancy symptoms with him. do you think i should get checked?
  • It can happen within the month, especially if she isn't breastfeeding so if she doesn't want to get pregnant again so soon, some kind of precautions need to be taken, even if it just using a condom. I certainly wouldn't want to have kids really close together but I suppose you manage somehow if it happens.
  • My sister got pregnant 3 weeks after she had my neice and found out she was pregnant again at her one month check up. So it can happen.... :)
  • instead of moaning use a condom! but be aware they can split and they do you always got a change to take morning after pill so if you dont want a baby take a morning after pill but if you do dont take morning after pill and if you carry out the pregnancy it not be a mistake because you always had the change to take the morning after pill.
  • Oh boy! I think I might be in for a surprise tonight! I have a 12 week old daughter and I feel really pregnant. My husband is off at the store picking up a pregnancy test at 1:00am to see if I'm pregnant. I feel super nauseous like I did last time. Maybe it's just hormones from all the breastfeeding I'm doing????
  • i think 6 to 8 weeks depending on previous tearing healing before sex.
  • I think it's 21 days after you have given birth.
  • As soon as. My friend as they figure became with baby about 4 days after giving birth.
  • Some woman never give their body a rest,the most fertile time for the woman is the first 40 days after giving birth. They can get get pregnant right away
  • i just find out iam pregnent again,know iam six months my baby is kicking and my first born his nine months.
  • F**K.... O_O I think I'm in trouble.......
  • 40 days but best recovery time is 3yr
  • Pretty damn soon. Just ask my 14 and 13 year old kids! It takes about six weeks for the body to recover. It probably won't happen until you are on a reg cycle but stranger things have happened.

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