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  • I don't think it is dengerous because air could be trapped in the vegina, but the reason is that under water, some dirt might get inside the vegina cousing some infection.
  • You're confusing this with a truly potentially dangerous sex act. When performing cunnilingus on a woman, if the partner forcibly blows into her vagina, this could possibly cause a potentially fatal air embolism but not to worry about any genital-to-genital intercourse in or out of the water. Some anthropologists believe that Humans are by nature acquatic which is why we're relatively hairless and Human females have sexual organs deeply recessed into their bodies.
  • I don't think having a bit of air in the vagina will be enough to cause a serious health issue... sometimes that happens when you engage in some "energetic" thrusting during sex in a non-aquatic situation. But, having sex underwater can have its risks. Believe it or not, water is not a good lubricant. In fact, it washes away the natural lubrication provided by the woman's body, and can increase the friction produced during intercourse. The lack of lubrication means that the thrusting can cause small cuts and abrasions on the genitals of both parties. This gives bacteria and other dangerous little things a convenient path into the blood stream of its new host. If you're talking about a hot tub, there are all sorts of fun things living in there (from the other people who did the same thing you are considering doing right now...) It's best to stick to making out, kissing, etc in the water... then, if you plan on going any further, take your activities to a non-aquatic environment.
  • It can be quite dangerous for infection. With the penis pumping like a piston in a cylinder it can force water into the uterus. anything can be in the water that can cause an infection most likely is not a good idea to have intercourse under water
  • Air can get trapped in the vagina during extra-aquatic intercourse as well.

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