• They aren't. I've seen yellow walls, green walls and pale pink walls.
  • Although studies on effect of wall colours have had inconsistent results it seems intuitive to paint calm colours in places of rest and bright colours to stimulate activity. My experience of psychiatric wards in the UK is that they have progressed a long way since Victorian overcrowded faceless asylums. Gentle tones, soft edges and comfortable surroundings are what I've seen, not a white wall anywhere!
  • I woud think that if they paint the walls white, it's to promote cleanliness. If something is actually white then it looks like they are taking care of the facility, and give you that mental image of cleanliness.
  • I worked in them as an RN for > ten years.. Theres no special color, except they did a trial with the seclusion rooms being pink to calm violent guests.... it worked well, for about 40 min then it escalated the violent episode by a factor of 3, usually requiring pharmaceutical intervention.
  • As most have pointed out they are no all white. If it is a state hospital then my guess would be that they are all white because that was the cheapest color of paint.
  • IMO bright white walls would only make me battier.

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