• I looked all over for an answer to this question and all I could find was that the Pope had requested that it be done. Hope someone else can add to that. infolover
  • Becasue that is how every Cathoic is burried. It remines us of our baptisim
  • A mosquito net. Apparently, there are mosquitos in heaven...
  • Stupid rituals that mean nothing really when your cold and dead as a fish in a box. These things are more for the living than the dead. Nonsence ritual.
  • Its just a sign of respect. This is usually done for people who are of high rank in the church. The white symbloizes new life and the purity of Christ in his heart.
  • Perhaps the white veil symbolizes the purity of a celibate man gone on to eternal rest.
  • The symbolic meaning of the veil is explained in the prayer said at the moment of placing the white silk veil over the face of the pope: "May his face, now hidden from our eyes, contemplate your beauty" 1) "As the Mass of Requiem began, the doors of St. Peter's Basilica were locked with dignitaries asked to stand outside the church. Only the College of Cardinals and the patriarchs and presiding metropolitans of the Eastern Catholic Churches were allowed inside for a private ceremony in which John Paul was placed in a cypress coffin, the first of three. Before being laid in the coffin, Archbishop StanisÅ‚aw Dziwisz had the honor of placing a white silk veil over the face of the pope (a tradition started by Leo XIII. ,1878-1903) - his last official act of service to the pope as his papal secretary." Source and further information: 2) "The silk veil over the face is a throwback to a tradition of the medieval Church in which a bishop's head was bound in a white cloth during his anointing." Source and further information: 3) "During this period there are however certain times when the Church is called more especially to manifest her faith. First, at the death of the Roman Pontiff. In this situation the Church is called to entrust herself «with total trust to Christ, the Supreme Shepherd who promised to be with her and assist her always».7 The Church’s faith is expressed in the prayer which is said as a veil of white silk is placed over the face of the deceased Pontiff: «Almighty and eternal God, Lord of life and of death, we trust and we believe that the life of the Holy Father N. is now hidden in you. May his face, on which the light of this world no longer shines, be illuminated for ever by the true light which has you as its eternal source. May his face, which sought your paths in order to show them to the Church, now see your face, O Father. May his face, now hidden from our eyes, contemplate your beauty and commend the flock to you, its eternal Shepherd, who live and reign, world without end»." Source and further information:

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