• For those who have not seen the film, take caution
  • No if I remember correctly Jesus was lashed 40 times in the bible, obviously dramatic license. All the same it can't have been easy to be Jesus.
  • Yes he got his ass kicked by the romans... The roman soldiers liked to completely shred both jew & pagan... The beatings, whipping & such made Jesus so disfigured the Bible says no one could recognize him.... The acts of torture, cruicifition & other means of execution were far worse than anything we have now...
  • I think he was. The Roman's were out to make an example of him. And they were a bloody and cruel socity. So that's just what they did.
  • At least that bad.
  • yes. what do you think crucified means?{not you personaly}
  • I thought he actually got it worse than they showed on film.
  • Yes. The Romans were very experienced in torture and crucifixion. Jesus suffered a lot before he died.
  • he got it worse than in the film
  • I don't think so. He got 40 lashes, and the tradition was to do 1 less than the sentence, just in case the count was wrong. Some artistic license was definitely taken - but still it would have been excrutiatingly painful. To compare, Australian convicts often received sentences of 100 lashes or more, with a similar implement (cat-o-nine-tails). One documented case involved 300 lashes - the last 50 having to be delivered on the man's calves, as the bones of his shoulders and spine were clearly visible, so much flesh had been flayed from his back, backside and thighs. These guys were typically sent straight back to work and often died slowly of infection. Way nasty.
  • I believe that He suffered a lot worse. I don't believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was even recognizable as a human being after they were done with Him. Isaiah 53:2 tells us that there was no beauty in Him. Psalm 22:17 says He could tell all of His bones, so obviously His bones could be seen. What amazing love and grace that God would go through that for us, sinners... Praise the LORD. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • I believe that he got it worse than in the film.
  • There are verses in the bible that teel us that he was unrecognizable.Mel Gibson went as far as he could although it's not far enough.

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