• Yes, I think that they choose their ratings based on if they like the director or writer (maybe they get a little something under the table) I just know that the ratings do not always seem to follow the same criteria.
  • I think Pretty Woman was tame for an 'R' rating, but lots of people disagree with me. :)
  • They may or may not be biased against a certain production company or a director, however ratings have some pretty strict guidelines, full frontal nudity, (Which usually just includes a women's breasts.) gore and graphic violence, and cussing. A minimal amount of any of these three is good enough to slap a rating on the film, otherwise there could be some bad followups for everyone. It's a little too risky to base on mere opinion. So I don't think it's much a question of whether or not it's a bad or good decision, more like defining the already existing guidelines, unlike the video game industry and its ratings, where it's rather questionable and a lot more a decision then a red light green light scheme like it is for movies. Not to be confused with television showing and editing, in other words censorship, that's a little different than untouched rented and released versions.
  • You should watch the documentary movie about the MPAA called 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated'.
  • Watch the movie "This Film Has Not Been Rated" and see how skewed the MPAA is in their opinions on movie ratings. It will give you a better idea of how moronic these people are.
  • Caroline . . . my 9yr old daughter and I went to see it and she loves scary movies . . . after the movie she suggested that the movie should have been rated PG-13 because it was not for little kids. I totally agreed! First of all it was a scary movie. Then there was also the naked woman it there with nipple covers, bouncing around on a diving board!!! Hello!!! What happened to the sensors on that!! How did that ever get in there!!!! For a PG movie!!! My goodness!!

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