• It depends, If they are super comfortable I will wear them until they are dead and unwearable, but if they are just so-so I will either toss them or make them into lawn mowing shoes.
  • I toss shoes when they start to smell bad, or the soles start to come unglued. I haven't thrown away a pair just become I didn't want them anymore. There needs to be some defect.
  • No I don't. I have a pair I use for working outside, but that's it. I like my tennis shoes and shoe laces clean and fresh. All of my shoes are like that.
  • I wear them until they start breaking apart, either holes or the rest of the shoe. Those are my ugly ones and I only use them for my night walk, a two mile walk I was prescribed by my Doctor in order to control high blood pressure.
  • I continue to wear my Tennis shoes until they have holes in them or become unwearable.
  • Mine last until the lacesvwear off.

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