• Oriental leather brush art originated from Korea and is done by using a leather-tipped brush and water-based colors. Traditionally done on rice paper, names and messages are written in this delicate type of calligraphy by forming the letters with objects such as birds, fish, flowers and other subjects. Oriental leather brush art is not practiced as widely as other types of art, so you will have to do a bit of searching to find a venue that suits your needs to learn this ancient art.

    Learning at Home

    If you consider yourself a quick learner and already have some experience in painting, you may be able to learn this type of art from books. The library is a good place to start, along with checking the books offered online. Teaching yourself might be more fruitful if you can actually observe an artist do this calligraphy. It might be helpful to shop around for an art lesson on a DVD. This could be the next best thing to being in a classroom. It is not interactive, but many of the recorded art lessons are very helpful for learning the intricate techniques needed to do a specific art form.

    More Formal Learning

    Courses are offered at many colleges in Asian art. Check online catalogs for the colleges in your area to see if they offer Oriental leather brush art. In 2009, President Obama recommended that adults go back to school and learn something new in all areas, including the arts. Depending on your life situation, you may qualify for a grant or low-cost loan to do this. Even if you do not find a course that is offered in this specific subject, call the college art department and ask if they know of someone local who teaches this either at a studio or as a private tutor.

    Other Places To Look

    Museums are not just a place to go and look at art collections; many are very active and offer classes, lectures and information on certain art forms. If there is a museum in your area that displays Asian art, they could also be a good reference point for finding artists that do the leather brush painting technique. If they do not offer formal classes or lessons for this type of painting, they may know of local artists who do. Talk to a curator or director of a local art museum and see if they have any referrals. Art shows and festivals are great places to stumble upon artists that do different types of painting. Look for area shows that specialize in Asian painting and set out to find an artist who does this. Speaking to the local artists is better than any online search you can do because they may know of someone who doesn't advertise but will offer art lessons when asked.


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